Daily Roundup: Space Station Dumps its Refuse and Three Black Holes Collide

Progress 28 module drops to Earth. Credit: NASA

In a quiet event, with no ceremony or sending off party, the Russian Progress 28 supply module was released from the International Space Station on Monday to fall to Earth as a fireball. On board, all the waste and unwanted equipment from the stations astronauts. The Progress module was launched in January to deliver food, water and other supplies, and with its usefulness at an end, the charred remains of the spaceship now sit at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean… Such a sad story for poor old Progress 28…

So, two articles written today for the Universe Today, one reporting on the ill-fated Progress 28 re-entry, and the second covering recent results from a theoretical simulation by Caltech scientists trying to understand the gravitational wave emissions from three or more black holes colliding…

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