Astroengine is Back and Refreshed After a Week’s Break

The Eden Project, Cornwall, UK - Inside the Mediterranean biome

After a week on the Lizard in Cornwall, I’m back from an inspiring trip. It was great to spend some quality time with Mum and Colette and a great opportunity to take in the stunning sights of this wonderful part of the world. Naturally I spent some time finding any chance to research some stories for astroengine and managed to wander around the Goonhilly Earth Station. There is a great article to be written about this historic location, so I’ll be getting onto that soon. Also, as we’d never been, we spent today at the Eden Project near St. Austall. There are some parallels with my work with the Mars Foundation, so expect an article about this superb project too (with some interesting applications to Mars colonization)…

For now, sleep!

3 thoughts on “Astroengine is Back and Refreshed After a Week’s Break”

  1. Glad you enjoyed your trip over here Ian! Many years ago I spent a week, I shall never forget, on work experience at the Goonhilly site. It’s an incredible place in a beautiful location – I’ll look forward to your post on it.

  2. Hi Will, I really did have a great time at Goonhilly. Was nice to get some info on the place. My family were saddened when we found out the site was closing down. I actually applied for a job a couple of years back, but of course, they were wrapping up operations around then. I’ll be writing an article on it ASAP – got some good news actually. Apparently they are looking to put preservation orders on the big dishes, using the site as a “national heratage museum” (or something along those lines). I’m sure BT will want to keep “Future World” open too. The Goonhilly skyline may not change that much after all 🙂

    What were you doing there during your work experience? I’m very jealous!

    Hopefully see you soon, Ian

  3. That’s good to hear Ian, I too was sad to hear they were closing the site down. Great to hear about the preservation orders! My work experience there was part of my secondary school work experience. I worked with the engineering and telecoms teams dong work on the aluminium ‘mirrors’ and waveguide that takes the signals from the dishes to the electronics and other telecoms stuff. Actually got to go up inside some of the dishes and even sat in the ‘hole’ in the centre of the dish next to Lancelot. 🙂

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