No Mayan Prophecy Doomsday in 2012 (Sorry)

A Mayan pyramid, but did the Mayans really forecast doomsday?

(Update: It seems people agree with my 2012 article and it hit the front page of Digg just before 1am (GMT) on Wednesday. Join the fun!)

The Mayan Prophecy seems to predict the end of the world, or at least a large potion of humans on Earth. As a race we appear to have side-stepped many previous doomsday events in the past (how can you forget the crazed predictions of the Y2K bug), so what makes December 21st 2012 so special? Why is it going to be this date that will kill us all off? Actually, and I doubt this will surprise all the level-headed thinkers out there, there is very little evidence that anything will happen on that date. I can’t really talk for the predictions that there will be nuclear Armageddon, a plague outbreak or an ultra-credit crunch, but as far as any astro-threats are concerned, I have good news (we’re in the clear)…

I’ve been meaning to write about this subject for some time, but had a job finding any sources proving that the doomsday predictions for the year 2012 were unfounded. There are plenty of sites on the web indicating that the Mayans (an ancient civilization that peaked a few hundred years AD in Central America) had stumbled upon this date when they realized their “Long Count” calendar ends in the Mayan year of, or December 21st, 2012. But what basis do the harbingers of doom base their predictions? Well, as with most predictions of the future, it’s purely guesswork and fantasy. Predicting the end of the world is notoriously inaccurate, almost every year that passes brings a new year of worry.

So, Fraser dropped me a line with the suggestion I should write about “No Doomsday in 2012” for the Universe Today, addressing the facts behind the Mayan myth. It’s proving so popular that I am now working on a series to address the individual theories of the threat from space…

Read more over at the Universe Today…

5 thoughts on “No Mayan Prophecy Doomsday in 2012 (Sorry)”

  1. We did not die last New Year’s Eve. 31 December is the end of our calender year and we continue with 1 January. The Mayan Calender may only be a long cycle that repeats, perhaps major change but not the end of the world. It may be based on an alignment of our solar system with the Milky Way or even bigger. The Aboriginal People of Australia, without a written language, knew of the 11 year solar cycle and used to give “Our concepts of meteorological science have a time span of several hundred years, whereas Aboriginal culture based on weather, flora, fauna and climate is tens of thousands of years old,” For another option besides asteroid impact, read the intro and first chapter of the book “Thunderbolts of the Gods” at for an electrical (not just gravitational) theory of the cosmos. It answers alot of NASA’s questions …..

  2. you really are uneducated and caught in your mind, that is a typical nieve way to approach what is coming, your ignorance is pathetic and for others who read your rubbish will certainly get caught in the crossfire with you, wake up and get out of your brain and observe and look around you, it has begun, the change is here, it has started, wake up you idiots

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