A Fun Couple of Days for Writing…

Coke in space. Much like beer in space. Too many bubbles, too much mess (NASA)

It’s been a flood, a flood I tell you! The last week has been a full-on space news week, especially with the landing of Phoenix on Mars on Sunday. But not only this, we’ve had news from all over the globe and it’s been hard to keep up. Over at the Universe Today we’ve been trying to give a good cross section of topics (with a heavy dose from Mars, naturally), and mine have been pretty eclectic. From Japanese space beer, stunning Very Large Telescope (VLT) images of the iconic Eta Carinae, cool space lasers, hot laboratory lasers and a crazy-spinning asteroid to name a few. It’s just a shame I didn’t have time to write more. So here they are, the last couple of days of articles I’ve written for the Universe Today…

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