Terra Chat Show Hosted by Colin Knight Now Online

If you missed Coln Knight’s Terra Chat (at Blog Talk Radio) show last night with me as his special guest, the hour-long interview is now online ready to be listened to at your leisure. You can navigate to Terra Chat and find out the details there, and then play the archived mp3.

Be sure to check out Colin’s efforts, he has a wide range of subjects open to discussion and you and participate by calling in and posing your own questions.

Thank you Colin for inviting me to Terra Chat, I had a great time discussing the Mayan Prophecy and all the details surrounding the science and the myth.

The mp3 file is available on Astroengine for download.

16 thoughts on “Terra Chat Show Hosted by Colin Knight Now Online”

  1. Just to let you know that energy (or wavelength etc.) does not class one type of high-energy em radiation as x-rays and the other as gamma rays… energy has nothing to do with it… its related to their origin (I know, I’m sad… but its a popular mis-conception amougst us Medical Physicists!). X-rays are generated through interactions with atomic electrons, whereas gamma rays are generated through interactions with atomic nuclei. Anyway nice interview dude 🙂

  2. Cheers mate! Glad you were able to listen in on this one – I have an epic 2.5 hour chat with Paranormal Radio going online soon 😉

    Yeah, I realised my mistake as soon as I said it, but then again, I doubt there were many atomic physicists listening in…

    You’ll love the next show, we discussed everything from the Sun to Mars to Saturn to Gamma Ray Bursts to the Earth being knocked off it’s axis – no holes barred.

    Hope you’re good mate. Ian

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