Why is the LHC so Important? I’ll let Brian Cox Explain…

I’ve only just stumbled on this fantastic presentation Brian Cox did in Monterey, California in March this year explaining the stunning science behind CERN’s newest addition. I have followed the progress of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) intently and I personally cannot wait until the accelerator is turned on. There has been much debate about the safety of the LHC and there have been some seriously nutty theories about the bad things that the LHC could (never) do. So, rather than waste any more time on the (impossible) negatives, let’s take a look into how the LHC is going to alter mankind’s view on the Universe forever with the help of Brian Cox at his best…


Posted on TED talks on April 2008.

15 thoughts on “Why is the LHC so Important? I’ll let Brian Cox Explain…”

  1. Hey man! Great site… but even after watching this little presentation, I still am not sure of what it will mean for us common folk…
    I understand that we are on the edge of some extraordinarily groundbreaking research here. But what kind of doors could it open? What kind of technology could be produced once the standard model is proven? What good will it actually do us?
    Thanks for the links and keep writing!

  2. Question: Do you know many cosmic rays strike a neutron star in one Earth year?

    Answer: Zero, the magnetic field of a neutron star is 1,000,000,000,000 times more powerful than Earth’s!

    Magnetic fields of white dwarfs are 1,000,000 times Earth’s.

    Hawking Radiation is unlikely, rapid micro black hole growth is plausible, no safety arguments are verified.


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