Poll: In Your Opinion, What Will be the First LHC Landmark Discovery?

Working on the LHC (CERN)

The first experiments to be carried out by the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN are on the horizon. Some people are frightened by this historic particle accelerator, but the science community is abuzz with anticipation and excitement. Although some of the conditions of the Big Bang will be recreated, it is important to remember a second “Bigger Bang” will not be generated – although the LHC is powerful, it’s not that powerful!

There is a rich variety of experiments that will be carried out by a variety of LHC detectors in the 27 km circumference ringed accelerator. These experiments include ATLAS, CMS, ALICE, LHCb, TOTEM, and LHCf. All have their own specific goals, but a few possible discoveries stand out as being revolutionary for particle physics and cosmology alike. I’ve written a host of articles about the LHC and I have my own personal hopes for what could be discovered, but I’d be interested to get your views too…

In August, the first tests will be carried out on the LHC. The first particle beam will be injected and accelerated, although no collisions will take place. A couple of months later, opposing beams of protons with energy of 7 TeV will collide and experiments can begin. The LHC is the largest, most powerful experiment ever constructed where the fabric of space will be probed and exotic particles will be generated. The current views we have about how the Universe works will be tested and the standard model for particle physics will be pushed to its limits. In all, it is D-Day for the classical limits we’ve imposed on quantum mechanics, and if the predictions are accurate, scientists using the LHC will revolutionize physics as a whole.

Today I wrote an article on the Universe Today about an interesting possibility for the LHC, it could produce a theorized dark matter particle, the neutralino. As the LHC is generating such a huge and focused energy, massive particles we’d never hope to detect may be generated, recreating the huge energies at the beginning of the Universe. In this case, physicists from the US hope to use data from the LHC in their model so a better idea about how dark matter is generated in the cosmos. This crossover between the physics of the very small (i.e. quantum particles) and the physics of the very big (i.e. the cosmos) is typical of what the LHC hopes to achieve.

There are many other key discoveries the LHC could make, including the observation of other dimensions, wormhole creation, “unparticles” and micro-black holes. Some of these theoretical possibilities may not happen, but some will. Ultimately, the LHC was built for the search of the elusive Higgs Boson (the only undetected particle in the “Standard Model” that gives vector bosons a mass), so you can see, this is no ordinary particle accelerator.

For the second Astroengine poll, I’d be interested to know which discovery you believe will be most likely in the possibilities I’ve explained above. Some are more plausible than others, but if there’s one thing I’ve learnt with quantum mechanics, expect the unexpected

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11 thoughts on “Poll: In Your Opinion, What Will be the First LHC Landmark Discovery?”

  1. From a theoretical physics point of view, with the exception of either the Higgs Boson or a supersymmetric particle, the likelihood of being able to detect any of the others, even if they exist, is remarkably remote.

    They’re expected to find the Higgs; if they fail to do so, and don’t find anything else, this may be the last accelerator built in our lifetimes.

  2. With half of the ‘Standard Model’ missing, shrouded within a mathematical haze of pure speculation, and the LHC being built upon these antiquated precepts, there is absolutely no telling what awaits CERN! It will take these experiments to extricate the physics community from their stagnated, depressing, and quagmired current positions! At least one sector of the ‘Standard Model’ shall receive a tsunami of change, that will send the mathematicians and physicists scrambling wildly within their ‘click’ groups, to hurriedly install these new, very much needed corrections! There is no doubt, that the future world desperate energy needs lie in LHC technologies; however, the production course should be traveled with extreme caution! If LHC is long-term successful, then it may reveal the manipulation techniques of matter, luminosity, and energy, for a controlled and sustainable nuclear fushion process! The LSAG ‘safety report’ covers only lower energy 2008 ‘start-up’ operation projections, and speaks nothing toward the pre-planned decade of precision energy upgrades; scheduled to begin in 2009! This same report only covers previous public dockets of concern, and nothing in regard to the ‘new’ emerging risk assessment meetings, that are in progress ‘Behind Closed Doors’! CERN is grappling with multiple variance-calculation paradoxes, even as Michelangelo Mangano (and others) penned the now infamous ‘quiet the public’ ‘Safe-Status’ safety report! Two such situations are known: #1). CERN Uncertainty RE: Quantum Time-Dilation Contraction-Calibration Equations, used for particle beam timing/focus to maximize the optimum collisions per/second within the ‘Impact Moment’, which are being detector analyzed. This line of equations must be precise, or facility damage may result! #2). RE: ALICE heavy (Pb) ion collisions, scheduled to begin (once financed) in 2009. This project generates hyper-density plasmatic field luminosities, that could affect a gravitational curvature; thus possibly producing a compression singularity vortex within a forced equilibrium state, and engaging super-symmetry ‘feed-back loops’ of quantum inverse ‘ghost’ radiation, thereby creating an event-horizon expansion. This is known as the expanded: Einstein-Rosen Bridge Wormhole: QUANTUM WORMHOLE! Relativistic temporal (Time) shifts, and loss of structural integrity are threshold warning signs. A disturbance of the quantum pathways, can alter nuclear positionings, which would affect elemental chemical compounds! Even if CERN LHC actuates an emergency shut-down, the residual effects would continue for an estimated 12-30 Hours, with an outward perimeter of 30-60 Miles. Director General Robert Aymar, Catherine Decosse (ALICE), Michelangelo Mangano, Stephen Hawking, CERN Theory Unit, and LSAG have entered into discussions, at this time!

  3. Trial before US Federal Court in Hawaii is scheduled to begin June 16, 2009 seeking an injunction until safety can be reasonably proven. CERN ignored the summons to appear for the initial hearing.

    In order for Earth to be in danger from the Large Hadron Collider, based on current assumptions, the following would need to be true:

    – If Micro black holes are created — Unknown, predicted by some physicists.

    – Hawking Radiation would need to fail. — Unknown, challenged by some studies and polls.

    – Micro black holes would need to grow quickly. — Unknown, predicted by some theories.

    Cosmic ray impacts do not prove safety because results of cosmic rays pass through Earth and into space at nearly the speed of light. If colliders create micro black holes from head-on collisions, some percentage will travel too slowly to escape Earth’s gravity.

    CERN employees and supporters are censoring opposing views from Professors and PHDs of Math, Physics and other theoretical sciences from the Wikipedia article on Large Hadron Collider Safety: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Safety_of_the_Large_Hadron_Collider

  4. The first and last discovery should be that E = nhf, where the wordf anthropc means that n is always equal to 1/h for all practical measure—-that is, they will inevitably discover h symmetry between mass in grams and energy in ergs! 1/h electrons = one unit of mass! The minimum energy quantum as h ergs is not directly measurable . Minimum (quantum) mass = h grams is always directly measured and we lack the the ability parse between to two when making measurements using atomic matter.

  5. Me thinks JTankers is trying to go for the Guinness Book of World Records for the “Most active blog commentator”…

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    1. Wow! Clever guy, that Satan! Isn't he already IN this dimension? I mean, how else does he make people do bad things, like pick their noses, push old people down the stairs, or vote Republican?Btw, this article was published two years ago, and there's still no sign of Satan, the Tribulation, the Antichrist, or the return of Jesus. Maybe he's looking for a different trans-dimensional portal to this dimension.

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