Listen to Terra Chat Live Tonight: Cosmic Occurances, Planet X and Space Travel

I have been invited back onto Colin Knight’s Terra Chat show over at Blog Talk Radio tonight to discuss some follow-up topics to the Planet X doomsday scenario plus some cool stuff about space travel and Mars settlement planning. I had a great time on last month’s show (which aired on June 8th and is available for playback), and I’m sure tonight will be just as compelling. So, from 7pm Pacific Time (10pm Eastern Time), you can catch the live broadcast over at Terra Chat.

For more information on the show, check out: 2012 – Cosmic Occurances, Planet X, Space Travel.

3 thoughts on “Listen to Terra Chat Live Tonight: Cosmic Occurances, Planet X and Space Travel”

  1. water

    Planet x, When are we legally able to talk about water. lets start with the pulls on the earth shifting faster the closer planet x gets. Because with water we could explain the salt flats , the middle of the grand canyon being a water gorge the deserts having all that sand. Lets start in the beginning our solar system was round the only possible out com human and large dinosaurs. consistent temp. then from our outer solar system came planet x .
    Hit Jupiter sent debris all over are solar system and like 8 of our 9 planets with moons, lots of moons. And then came are one big one extinction bashed are planet and made are moon, flooded pulled are planet in to an elliptical orbit and summer and winter followed. From the impact dropped new soil, sand, conditions.
    Meteor belt. it has passed by a couple more times and just hit meteors we all saw the holes. we have nukes now I think were fine. But it will pass buy again 2012. Pull us more, flood like Ra’s eye .and lots will die.
    I’m pretty sure I found our impact, Bermuda triangle. We on earth with our size have natural magnetic rocks Jupiter’s bigger. If you look up over the us you see Florida, Cuba, Bahamas zoom out and see a big giant circles.

    When I see the myen calendar I think illuminati intelligent and how new world order is just are country’s being given away so its all there’s. 13 people get everything oboma said that very same thing nwo. now he is the key for every society to fall or change whatever. he just thinks sense government cant help the people only the corporations’ can, because of that separation. the way the freemasons made our governments to fall. and he is to be that one man that should make that decision for all of us no vote no joke. it just got better there all in on it, all the big countries. if china’s the last union do you think there economy is going to fail. they don’t win if they cant sell anything. Now pussies..

    You think that there’s room for the sand countries to com in all our countries your wrong. to many people like terrorists…… all stop there

    I want to say sell your house……….before your homeless
    Because all responsible people just have equity the banks got money why give them yours

    Control your future………………………..

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