Carnival of Space Week 66 – A Mars Odyssey

Banner from A Mars Odyssey website
Banner from A Mars Odyssey website

This week’s Carnival is being held over at A Mars Odyssey, where Nancy Houser does an awesome job of chronicling all the great entries from this week’s collection from the space blogosphere. I have a special fondness for this week’s CoS as I love the detailed approach Nancy has taken, each entry lovingly read, understood and reported on. A joy to read!

All the entries are of great quality, but a few piqued my interest including:

And from Astroengine, I couldn’t resist, it had to be my Hollywood encounter with Dr. Buzz Aldrin


One thought on “Carnival of Space Week 66 – A Mars Odyssey”

  1. Thank you, Ian, for the kind remarks. I wanted to comment on your website as I consider it easy to read and well “put-together”. I tremendously enjoy reading some of your articles with top-notch images to enhance them.


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