2012 Doomsday Series Now Available in Spanish

Doomsday articles are now available in Spanish
Doomsday articles are now available in Spanish

With special thanks to Manuel Herman at Ciencia Kanija (Puny Science), four of my Universe Today 2012 No Doomsday articles have been translated into Spanish. Today, as many as 322 to 400 million people speak Spanish world-wide, making it the second most-spoken native language in the world (second only to Mandarin Chinese), so I am overjoyed that my 2012 articles will extend to this huge population of Spanish speakers!

Previously, the popular “No Doomsday in 2012” article was kindly translated into Portuguese by Nisia Chaves at Chá de Camomila, so to have the complete series translated into Spanish is a massive bonus. I didn’t think that these 2012 articles would be so popular, but it would seem their scope extends far beyond the English-speaking world. So thank you to Manuel for his tireless efforts in translating my work!

Here’s the series (so far) in Spanish:
» No habrá juicio final en 2012 (No Doomsday in 2012)
» No, tampoco habrá Planeta X en 2012 (2012: No Planet X)
» 2012: El Planeta X no es Nibiru (2012: Planet X is not Nibiru)
» 2012: No habrá llamarada solar asesina (2012: No Killer Solar Flare)

This has motivated me to continue writing my 2012 articles. Next up is an investigation into geomagnetic reversal and then the mother of all doomsday theories: galactic alignment. The next two could be the biggest articles yet, so be sure to keep an eye on the Universe Today and Astroengine.com for announcements…

4 thoughts on “2012 Doomsday Series Now Available in Spanish”

  1. Manuel, thanks very much for your translation, great work.
    Ian, I have enjoyed your articles and I expect impatient upcoming article 2012 Doomsday series


  2. I am sorry Ian, but I must disagree with your “opinion” that so confidently has been posted in the doomsday articles. The main reason I have for this is the fact that in the article, you actually give the evidence that supports the Nibiru theories. The only thing you have actually done is state the facts, and give multiple theories as to put doubts in the minds of others about those same facts. When the facts are brought to light, and these “doomsayers” develop theories to explain them as you say in your articles… You are basically doing the same thing on the opposite spectrum. The facts come out, and you develop your own theories to cast doubt upon the possibility of them supporting such a claim as the Nibiru doomsday theory. In my opinion, we are one in the same. Us believers and non-believers. Just because you are intelligent enough to shed doubt upon this subject doesn’t make you any better than a supporter. All you have done basically, is convert some peoples belief on the topic, and taken away their chance to prepare for what is to come. So ultimately, if it does come to pass, you hold the lives of all those you converted in beliefs, in your hands. Good luck with that.
    Some Kid from Indiana.

  3. Hi Jared,

    Thank you for the funniest message I have read all day! I’m really annoyed I didn’t see this earlier.

    Just for the record (as you obviously have no clue what I am talking about), I am merely taking a 2012 doomsday scenario and discussing the real science behind the theory. As I am quickly finding out, any astronomical doomsday prediction is based purely on fear and misinformation. Please say you read my Planet X article? You’ll find some wonderful holes in that theory.

    This has NOTHING to do with belief either. Again, you really have no clue why I’m writing these articles. I do confess, I will include my personal opinion with my Universe Today articles, but I add a heavy dose of science fact when explaining these theories.

    Also, these aren’t just “my beliefs” – it is general scientific consensus that my writing is accurate and on-topic.

    Wait a minute, where do I inadvertently give evidence for Nibiru? I thought I’d pretty convincingly nailed that sci-fi story down. Again, which articles have you been reading? I don’t think they are mine.

    Thank you for your opinion, but you are wrong to come here and spout “you hold the lives of all those you converted in beliefs, in your hands,” on my website. Now I know the kind of limited individual I am dealing with, I doubt I’ll hear from you again.

    I hope Indiana keeps you out of trouble.

    Best, Ian

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