Listen to “10 Mysteries of the Solar System” With Captain Jack on Paranormal Radio

Paranormal Radio with Captain Jack logo
Paranormal Radio with Captain Jack logo

The recording of the September 1st Paranormal Radio show featuring Captain Jack and myself is now available for your listening pleasure. The show was entitled “Ten Mysteries of the Solar System” and it related to an article of the same name I wrote for the Universe Today on August 18th. It was great to be asked back to the show for the fourth time, and it looks like I might have a regular slot! As Jack said toward the end of the show, I am rapidly becoming PR’s resident “myth buster” – I am very honoured to have been given this task! Hopefully I’ll be appearing monthly to discuss the weird and wonderful goings on in our Universe, and Jack is a fantastic host, so we often go off on a tangent (as can be witnessed in this 3-hour show, I think it took me an hour just to talk about the first two mysteries of the ten!).

So for this instalment, Jack and I discussed the ten biggest (in my opinion) mysteries of our Solar System, starting with the solar polar temperature mismatch and ending up somewhere in the Oort Cloud (but did we find it?). Here’s the complete list:

  • Solar Pole Temperature Mismatch
  • Mars Mysteries
  • The Tunguska Event
  • Uranus’ Tilt
  • Titan’s Atmosphere
  • Solar Coronal Heating
  • Comet Dust
  • The Kuiper Cliff
  • The Pioneer Anomaly
  • The Oort Cloud

(We actually missed one out, but I’ll leave it up to you to listen out for it.)

So fire up your audio devices and embark on a tour on the ten most mysterious topics I think the Solar System is keeping well hidden…

Listen to the show via mp3 audio or visit the Black Vault to browse the other Paranormal Radio shows available.

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