Astroengine is Now Bulletproof: Upgrade to WordPress 2.6.2

WordPress released a minor upgrade today for any blog running version 2.6. Although it’s not a huge deal, it is worth doing if your WordPress installation allows open registration. Although this isn’t necessarily a security risk, there is the possibility that a hacker could exploit a WordPress function to reset admin passwords to a randomly generated one, therefore freezing the administrator out of their website. The hacker doesn’t know the new password either, so this loophole is more of a frustration than anything else. Still, it would be a bugger if that happened, so Astroengine is now bulletproof with v2.6.2…

Once again, I used the automatic upgrade plugin created by Keith Dsouza and it performed flawlessly, backing everything up and then installing the whole lot over the top. Superb.

5 thoughts on “Astroengine is Now Bulletproof: Upgrade to WordPress 2.6.2”

  1. I’ve heard about not one, not two, but three blog sites being hacked this week (Gia Milinovich, Brian Cox and Pamela Gay), so pats on the back for being cautious Mr. O’Neill.

  2. Oh wow, really?? I had no idea.

    I got stung a few years back and have made sure my site has all the new patches installed since then. Plus, posting an article on each upgrade gets the word out, so I’ll keep on being a geek 🙂

    Cheers Dave!

  3. Kudo’s to you for staying current and getting the word out.

    But “bulletproof” is so transient a term these days. At least your not in the same class as Larry Ellison who hung a giant “Kick me” sign on Oracle Corp. a few years back with similar pronoucements. 🙂

    How about WordPress Security updates made easy ….

  4. I Baffled nettled a a few geezerhood backwards and birth made my pleasure crikey place consumes whole the newfangled flecks installed since and then. Positive, card an content on-duty for each one kick upstairs beats the word out, so I'll keep on being a geek

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