2012 Doomsday Debunking Article Makes Slashdot

Just a quick bit of news: my “2012: No Geomagnetic Reversal” article over at the Universe Today was posted on Slashdot.org today! This is fantastic news, as on Saturday it became “popular” on Digg.com and hit the front page. Internet traffic has therefore been a little busy for Fraser’s server of late…

Thank you to everyone who is supporting my work, these 2012 doomsday scenarios are finally being exposed for what they really are. Although some may have a dash of scientific reasoning, most are born from scaremongering and greed, so it is very good to know that the scope of this article’s readership has expanded exponentially 🙂

I am working on my next couple of articles now, so expect the completed text soon…


One thought on “2012 Doomsday Debunking Article Makes Slashdot”

  1. I really like how you debunked the 2012 theories in your articles. More scientists need to write about this subject because it is a very popular idea right now. I was wondering when the rest of your articles will be available and what they will focus on. In your first article you mentioned black holes, gamma rays, meteors, and the ice age. Most of these 2012 “theories” also mention some sort of an alignment of the planets- can we expect an article abot that too?

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