Carnival of Space Week 75 – Lounge of the Lab Lemming

Week 75’s foray into the space blogosphere is being hosted over at the imaginatively titled Lounge of the Lab Lemming with Charles Magee. This week, we have everything from our wobbling Earth, to launching rockets (congratulations KySat!!), an entertaining look at a day in the life of Comet Holmes (“What Up, Holmes?” – Dave, you are the original physics comic genius…) and for Astroengine’s part, I dusted off the conspiracy gloves and got fiddling with the allegations that China had faked the whole space walk. At first I thought I’d be the one to discover my very own real conspiracy… but it wasn’t to be. The space walk happened, and there was no need for Planet X…

Get over to the Lab Lemming and see what he has to say about the rest of the Universe…


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