Will the Real Walter Wagner Please Stand Up (and Put the Geiger Counter Down)

Wagner discovers tiles of uranium-filled death (MSNBC)
Wagner discovers tiles of uranium-filled death (MSNBC)

After chatting with Walter Wagner (the guy who filed the LHC “Doomsday Suit” in an Hawaiian court… only for it to be thrown out last month) on Paranormal Radio in July, I was left a little unsatisfied.

By the July 28th radio show, I’d only written about the LHC lawsuit a couple of times and had little time to prepare for the discussion. However, after only a few minutes of digging for some background information Wagner I’d unearthed a couple of things. For one he had previously attempted to sue the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) at Brookhaven National Laboratory in 2000. This attempt had failed on the basis that Wagner’s “evidence” that the RHIC could create strangelets (that will spawn the end of the world) and black holes (spawning… well… the end of the world) was too flimsy to warrant any serious investigation. Then I uncovered something a little unsettling: Wagner had a rather unhealthy scrape with the law. At the time I didn’t want to follow this up, as I was going on air in 30 minutes, the RHIC lawsuit was enough for the time being.

Today, another piece has been added to the puzzle of what drives Walter Wagner. Over at the hilariously named “The Physics Anti-Crackpot Blog” there’s a link to an article chronicling Wagner’s Geiger counter crusade against radioactive tiles (oh yes!). I’ll leave it for you to read, it is both entertaining and unsettling.

Wagner believes he is a public safety crusader, and I doubt we’ll hear the last of him (besides superheroes love the attention, whether it is good or bad).

Why does Mr. Wagner hate the LHC? Well, the short and simple answer — ironically, this is the short and simple answer — is that Mr. Wagner and a lot of other people who like physics but don’t really understand it as well as they think they do have latched onto the notion that the LHC will spontaneously generate black holes, which will destroy the Earth. – Excerpt from Return of the Radiation Man (Standing on the Shoulders of Giant Midgets)

Source: The Physics Anti-Crackpot Blog

5 thoughts on “Will the Real Walter Wagner Please Stand Up (and Put the Geiger Counter Down)”

  1. great job Mr O Niell

    I hope that the poepl who was fooled cruelty did see the light and go back to live their lives without fear

    because all the pain and suffering (as the one i had a month ago) was all based on a lie by a person who has definitevly problems

  2. does every lawyer is true to the law, one defends and other offense, so there is surely one lawyer who lies. its just a earning to the lawyers. it dose not bother lawyer whether they win or lose the case.

  3. The terminator series was a real success but filming technology has evolved a lot since the first movie. The robot in “Terminator:Salvation” would have to be pumped on compared to the initial one. The first of the series came with the idea… the rest have to compensate with incredible effects and stunts.

  4. Black holes are some of the universe's greatest mysteries. Scientists can't create the conditions necessary for them to be spawned. I wonder if his allegations have any legal documents that prove that they could. This just goes to show that anyone can sue anyone because there are just as many crazy lawyers as there are crazy people.

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