‘The Hills’ Girls Suffer LHC Information Overload

"Why are they doing that?" The Hills Girls bravely confront the LHC and the Big Bang (E! Channel)
'Why are they doing that?' The Hills Girls bravely confront the LHC and the Big Bang (E! Channel)

Superb! The Large Hadron Collider has barged its oversized supercooled magnets into the very popular US teenie drama, “The Hills.”

Now I’ve heard it all. Not only did the LHC grand switch-on event appear as headline news on every newspaper, website, TV and radio news channel back on September 10th, the LHC has now been worked into the script of The Hills.

The program usually deals with fever-pitch relationship battles between the cast of over-privileged teenagers who shop and fill their days saying “yeah… that’s cute.” For the vast majority of the world who may not have seen the show, imagine a hoard of Paris Hilton clones, struggling by on the mean streets of the Beverley Hills (having just moved from that other well-known dive, Laguna Beach) dressed in Prada, sipping tall-skinny-chai-lattes, moaning about boys. And don’t get me started on the guys, just think “metro-sexual” with a heavy dose of Boy George thrown in…

So, I almost spluttered my Starbucks coffee over the keyboard when seeing this funny excerpt from The Soup, showcasing a refreshingly “intellectual” conversation on the The Hills:

Girl 1: You know the world’s supposed to end? They just started, like, in Geneva, this particle accelerator […] and they are smashing particles together.

Girl 2: What?

Girl 1: They’re trying to create black holes.

Girl 2: Why are they doing that?

Girl 1: They wanna figure out how… we’re here. They wanna prove the Big Bang, and that matter can come out of nothing.

[Long pause]

Girl 2: Isn’t it crazy how all this is happening whilst Lauren is gone?

I’m thinking the actresses might have been a little out of their depth when discussing the LHC, but the script writers either have a great sense of humour or they wanted to boost the intellectual content of the program. Perhaps there’s a little-known government quota that requires all TV programs to contain a certain amount of mental stimulus? They threw all the science they had at 30 seconds of one episode.

Having watched The Hills (I can’t avoid it! It’s everywhere in LA!), the program has the bare minimum of intellectual content (much like a Big Mac has the bare minimum of nutritional content).

Although I poke fun at the escapades of The Hills girls, I don’t think it’s any bad thing that the LHC should come up in conversation in a popular TV show. Keep it up is what I say (even if it is a little funny!).

PS. However, physicists aren’t actually trying to produce black holes… but we know that already… don’t we?

Source: Gizmodo

14 thoughts on “‘The Hills’ Girls Suffer LHC Information Overload”

  1. ha ha ha ha ha

    those programs had the same actual knowladge in the fields than Walter Wagner himself, i mean, IT this was really necessary????, it like, gee, whe gonna came up with this drama, just in case is everyone has forgotten, and sure, the knowladge they had is pretty much obtained from all the tabloids over the internet and MEDIA who said that Walter L. Wagner is a psicyst.

    i dont know if this is the same program, but tehy actually attacked videogames by using girliness excuses about how their ruined their relationships.

    now speaking seriously, this only adds more fuel to the drama tank, did the girls are scientist?. did they do actual research more than the ones that they heard in the tabloids and the crackpot sites?, did they see ERIC´S article over Walter l. Wagner truth?, no, of course not..

    just lets see one part

    Girl 1: They’re trying to create black holes.

    Yeah, pretty much the desinformation what cames from tabloids who listen up to walters crusade of lunacy, and the moment the media listen to that, they said, hey, this must be serious

    anyway, to all the producers on the proram, i tell them, DO ACTUAL RESEARCH and ask PROFFESIONALS ON THE FIELD (INLCUDING SECOND OPINIONS) BEFORE LEAPING, OKAY

    By the way, HAPPY HALOWEEN!!!!!!

  2. and by the way, my essay will be this saturday or sunday, and it will be available to translate if anyone wants to share it.

    and this new spit on the face is a new addittion to the rant^^

  3. YouTube has removed the video.

    This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.

    I assume that the video excerpt was short and to the point, for the purpose of this commentary on the show. That someone requested that youtube take down this video shows that there are major problems with the DMCA. Short snippets for commentary are clearly fair use.

  4. I have seen that episode and that is not what they are actually talking about. That clip was voiced-over/edited to make a joke.

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