Meteor Explodes Over Canada

Only a month ago, a series of all-sky cameras in the Canadian region of southern Ontario captured a long-lasting meteorite fireball as it streaked across the skies. Last night it was the turn of the central province of Saskatchewan to see the spectacular fireball of a meteroid dropping through the atmosphere. According to eye witnesses, the intense light lit up the dark skies and a series of thunderous booms shook the ground.

Another day living in the interplanetary shooting gallery I suppose

These incredible images were captured by Andy Bartlett who was able to video-record the dazzling event from his 10th-floor apartment in Edmonton, Alberta. With some fast thinking, Bartlett grabbed his Canon A510 and captured the rare re-entry. “The brilliant fireball appeared to be closer than the airplane in the upper right corner of this video,” he said.

See the full fireball video »

At first, it was assumed the fireball may have been attributed to a re-entering piece of rocket from a Soyuz launch on November 14th. The Russian Defense Ministry had launched the reconnaissance satellite codenamed Kosmos-2445. However, it would appear that any rocket debris left over from Soyuz is still being tracked in space and has not re-entered. The Saskatchewan fireball is therefore assumed to be a naturally occurring meteoroid, possibly as large as a grapefruit.

The fireball is captured by a police car camera in Edmonton (Global News)
The fireball is captured by a police car camera in Edmonton (Global News)

Additional footage of the fireball was captured by the local news showing the re-entry via a security camera. Also, an Edmonson police car captured the bright explosion on the horizon (as pictured above).

The fireball re-entered at 5:30pm MST and could be watched for several seconds as it descended before a series of explosions and then fragmentation. “The sky was lit up almost like daytime for 3 or 4 seconds,” said Gordon Blomgren, another eye witness in Alberta.

The light was accompanied by a powerful rumbling a while later (as with thunderstorms, the lightning is seen first and the thunder rolls in a while later). In northwestern Saskatchewan, Murray McDonnell describes what he saw and heard: “My wife and I saw a brilliant flash of blue white light, like lightning. About one minute later a long rumbling sound shook the house.”

Although it would appear the disintegrating meteor may have scattered debris on the ground, scientists aren’t sure. Analysis of eye-witness accounts from different locations (triangulation) may help meteorite hunters derive the possible impact zone, but as yet, there are no reports of any meteorite debris being found.

Source: Space Weather

12 thoughts on “Meteor Explodes Over Canada”

  1. Wanted to say that my son and I witnessed the ball of light in New Orleans area from separate locations I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this greenish looking light explode and streak as I faced west. The sun was going down but it was still daylight and I had never seen a shooting star in the day much less in New Orleans (too bright).
    When I got home I told my family and my son said he saw it also. It was green at first and then brightened to yellow/white then disappeared. I thought sure it landed in South Texas as it appeared to be going west/southwest.
    This Thanksgiving, we went to South east Texas and in talking about it, my cousin in law gasped and said she had seen it in the western sky too. I would have never thought it was going North. It was an amazing three second site.
    Thrilling and feel blessed.

  2. You all have no lives and don't bother replying to this because I'm not visiting this retarded site again. If you have time to stare a flaming rocks you're pathetic. This is nothing special. I'm a scientist and this is no where near an amazing experience. Fuck you all.

  3. Wow, so amazing. Changes the sky literally night to day! Wish I was there to see it. Those driving in their cars must have freaked out!

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