Carnival of Space Week 82 – Space Disco

For this week’s Carnival, we are in for a visual delight! For the first time, we have a video stocked full with the weekly run-down of what’s new, fresh and interesting across the entire space blogosphere. Your host this week is my friend Dave Mosher, producer of Discovery Space and blogger for the excellent Space Disco. Being superbly organized, Dave works through a huge number of blogs and includes a transcript of his videofied Carnival. A great, entertaining 3 minuites and 9 seconds, with a peek into Dave’s home in New York.

Dave has raised the Carnival of Space bar very high… I wonder who can top it? I have one idea on how it could be done, but I’ll save that until I get my turn of being host again (although that might be some time…).

But for now, jet over to Space Disco and enjoy. From, I included my thoughts on the Mars Science Laboratory and why NASA might not be on the correct track

5 thoughts on “Carnival of Space Week 82 – Space Disco”

  1. Thanks for the props Ian!

    Fraser Cain kept telling me “interpretive dance” “interpretive dance” “interpretive dance” in our e-mails about setting the carnival up 🙂

    I have a few ideas for the next ambitious host:
    1) Video “spread the love” edition where the host prints out screenshots of each carnival post, then hands them out to people in their neighborhood (describing what they can find at that post, of course)
    2) Sing-song edition where the host writes a song about the week’s carnival — and the lyrics can only come from the text found in the posts.
    3) Haiku edition.
    4) Video “motion” edition where the entire carnival is read off whilst the host jogs.
    5) Video “celebrity” edition where the host hooks up with a spacey celebrity (e.g. Neil DeGrasse Tyson) to run through the week’s posts.
    6) Audio edition where each poster must provide a 5-7 second MP3 summarizing their post — or they don’t get into the carnival.

    …and so on.

  2. Lol, I like the ideas Dave! Although, I’m thinking along the lines of a live radio broadcast of the Carnival! Might be fun… plus an mp3 archive in case anyone misses it. Could even have radio phone-ins from the participants!

    You’re really upped the anti this time Dave! Everyone will be out to try to out do the videotastic version (although it’s gonna be hard!)

    Cheers mate 🙂

  3. Have you ever been to a Silent disco?It’s a unifying, strangely uplifting  & bizarre experience!
    More info @ or
    Heve fun 🙂

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