Carnival of Space Week 84 – Next Big Future

Venus surface elevation map
Venus surface elevation map

Superb! Possibly for the first time ever, an article features at the top of page for the Carnival of Space! Nice. It’s more than likely luck, but I really appreciate Brian Wang reading and posting my article about the Space Exploration Crisis. As it turns out, there are a few blogs that are concerned about the recent NASA turmoil, and the pressure will be on President-elect Barack Obama to enact some changes…

So, this week, be sure to check out week 84 of the Carnival of Space at Brian Wang’s Next Big Future. There are loads of space news articles from all over the web, in fact each CoS seems to be getting bigger and bigger; compiling all the submissions from the space blogosphere is no easy task. However, Brian did a great job this week, and I’ll be sure to give a rundown on some of the entries that caught my eye during Wednesday’s Astroengine Live

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