Sorry, 2012 Just Got Quieter: No Comet Impact

Comets are out there, but there's nothing scheduled for 2012...
Comets are out there, but there's nothing scheduled for 2012...

It’s been a nagging frustration ever since I started writing about the 2012 doomsday scenarios seven months ago. Every time I posted articles with the keywords “2012”, “doomsday”, “comet” or “asteroid”, ads would appear across my website linking to 2012 doomsday sites. Simply writing about these misguided theories had attracted ads for the very sites I was criticising!

At first I blocked them, but then I became pretty relaxed about it. Why not allow these ads to appear? I get ad revenue, they lose ad revenue, seems somehow justified doesn’t it? Well, not really. If I let these individuals advertise on my site with impunity, I’d be little better than them… I’d be cashing in (albeit in a small way) on their popularity. So I’ve kept the worst of them blocked (although you will still see some 2012 ads, they shouldn’t be the ones I’m critical of in my writing, and they shouldn’t be promoting the end of the world).

Today I decided to make a stand against these 2012 comet theories and write an article. It’s been a long time coming. In fact, it was one of those articles that have been hanging over my head for months, an uncomfortable thorn in my side. The comet impact theory has been around for decades, there’s nothing new with the thought that we might be scrubbed out of existence by a comet or asteroid, but the whole 2012 worry has dusted off some old fears…

My short reply to people who are concerned for doomsday in 2012 is: We cannot predict the future. However, it seems more detail is often needed, and this is why I’ve been writing about the scientific inaccuracies surrounding the 2012 myth. So, to mark four years before the “end of the world” on December 21st, 2012, I decided to post my 2012: No Comet article on the Universe Today.

The 2012 comet impact theory is not a hard one to unravel, and I found myself a little disappointed there wasn’t more science associated with it. Alas, it was simply a Google cover-up and a patch of missing data…

Read the full article at the Universe Today…

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