Tonight’s Astroengine Live Cancelled

It's sad, but the next show will be awesome...
It's sad, but the next show will be awesome...

Sorry everybody, but if you’re listening in to Astroengine Live for your weekly space news updates, you’ll notice a recording is currently being re-broadcast on WPRT Radio (thank you Jack!). Due to unforeseen circumstances I am currently stuck in Palm Desert and can’t return to LA in time for the show. Very frustrating, as I had a lot of Christmas goodies for you… however, they can wait until next week!

I will keep you posted about what I have planned for next week in the next couple of days. For now, check out the Astroengine Live pages, and remember, if you have any topics you want to be discussed on the show, please drop a message to

Sorry for the break in service, but I’ll be back next week… For now, have a wonderful Christmas with your families and stay warm!

Cheers, Ian

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