An Insult, on a Galactic Scale

That’s really going to burn when those insults reach you in 2.5 million years.” – Stephen Colbert.

My favourite talk-comedy show at the moment is Colbert Nation, and although I don’t get a chance to watch it much (I lose it in the other 200+ cable channels we rarely watch), I always enjoy it when I do. So here’s a clip from Wednesday’s (Jan. 14th) show where one script writer/researcher did a great job to find the humour in a New York Times article about the recent measurements of the Milky Way show that it is 50% more massive than previously thought. This research was actually presented at last week’s AAS conference in Long Beach.

Stephen Colbert takes the opportunity to to even the playing field with the larger Andromeda Galaxy, scoring a little victory for “America’s Galaxy”.

In your face Andromeda, BANG! Make that BIG BANG! You’re so tiny, I’ve seen nebulas with bigger H2 regions. We’ve got a black hole at the centre of our galaxy, and you’re an a**hole!


Source: Colbert Nation, via mklopez on Digg

9 thoughts on “An Insult, on a Galactic Scale”

  1. Fantastic! I love Colbert (and his writers, apparently) but don’t get to watch the show much. No time for TV these days…
    Any beer news today? Heh heh! 😉

  2. Ian, thanks for pointing this out… too damn funny for words. My life is too crazy to watch much of any TV, so it’s nice to have these things highlighted 🙂

  3. You need to get a DVR, e.g. Tivo. It’s one of those your-life-will-never-be-the-same devices. Set up your shows, they just appear in the list after recording and you can watch them whenever. We rarely watch live TV these days.

  4. Lol, thanks Georgia… I think I might have given the impression I’m a bit of a party animal. I’m not, honest… just on the weekends… and Wednesdays…. sometimes Mondays…

    Hi Anthony, you are right, we have DVR all set up, so I make sure I’ve recorded a whole stack of shows, but the issue is I never have the time to catch up! I still think there’s the whole Season 2 of Heros on there…. we ended up watching that on DVD, go figure! Oh well, I’m sure I’ll get organized eventually 🙂

    Cheers, Ian 😉

  5. “Stars are tiny! I can cover, like, 1000 of them with my hand! Giant balls of gas my …”

    Sadly, the Colbert Report often has better science on it than either the Science Channel or the History Channel.

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