Fireball Over Sweden

Just when we thought it was getting quiet, a fireball exploded over Scandinavia last night. What’s more, there is outstanding video footage of the event over the skies of Sweden (above). There are a huge number of sightings from Sweden, Denmark and Holland which is good, there’s a better chance of finding any debris that way (in fact, if you saw something, contact the International Meteor Organization).

The fireball occured on January 17th at 19:09 UT. It was a spectacular sight. Duration: 3 or 4 seconds, colours: yellow to green, fragmentation yes, brightness -10 or maybe brighter. I’m a meteor observer active since 1978 and I have observed almost 60 000 meteors since that time.” – Koen Miskotte, Ermelo, Netherlands.

For more, check out Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy article and

3 thoughts on “Fireball Over Sweden”

  1. I thought this happened somewhere in Canada? I saw a similar video from another site and the site owner said this happened in Canada. Now, I’m confused.
    Anyway, regardless of where this came from, I’m still amazed by the fireball. I hope to personally see something like this, too. Are there any debris seen?

  2. The fireball explosion in Scandinavia a spectacular sight. The light's brightness, fragmentation and changes of light's color make it more fascinating. -Contributor: Pregnancy Miracle Thoughts

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