When in the Solar Cycle were You Born?

My birthday, right smack bang in the middle of solar maximum (Space Weather)
My birthday, right smack bang in the middle of solar maximum (Space Weather)

I just came across this rather nifty little tool via fellow Twitterer TaviGreiner, and I really like it. It’s yet another wish-I’d-thought-of-that moments. You input your date of birth, and a sunspot number chart appears, displaying the solar activity on your birthday…

Check out Space Weather’s Sunspot Plotter.

I’m not a believer in astrology, to be honest I don’t think it really matters which constellation I was born under (Leo, in case you were wondering. *Rawr*), but if I did subscribe to astrology, I’d be more interested in what stage of the solar cycle I was born. Although it doesn’t make a blind bit of difference when in the solar cycle a creature on Earth is born, the Sun has by far the greatest influence over our local volume of space. It does make you wonder, if we do eventually colonize Mars, will the solar cycle have an influence over the characteristics of human birth? What with the thin atmosphere and lack of a strong magnetic field, space weather will be a huge factor on a Red Planet society, perhaps knowing what part of the solar cycle you were born under would be more relevant?

SpaceWeather.com has a few humorous words about the relavence of solar cycle over everyday life:

The red curve traces monthly-averaged sunspot numbers tabulated by the Solar Influences Data Center in Belgium. Data points go all the way back to 1755, so you can investigate the relationship between solar activity and many historical events: Do stocks crash during solar minimum? (Some people think so.) Did NASA send astronauts to the Moon during Solar Max? How do sunspots affect the length of mini-skirts?

It seems that the mini-skirt is strangely absent from fashion these days, the Sun had better get into gear and get active again! You can’t beat a good mini-skirt.

Of course, the Sun affects us in many ways. Probably one of the more obvious effects of an increase in solar activity is the production of coronal mass ejections, interacting with our magnetosphere, generating auroral electrojets, possibly overloading power grids (i.e. the Quebec blackout in 1989). But as for it having any effect on the day that you were born (keeping in mind we are shielded from the worst the Sun can throw at us), I’m not so sure.

That said, I was born around the solar maximum of the late ’70’s to the early ’80’s… does that mean I have a fiery temper? Nope.

Source: Space Weather via TaviGreiner

7 thoughts on “When in the Solar Cycle were You Born?”

  1. Yes, I've read about this before, but I've never really investigated it. I will in time. I believe it has some relevance for sure.

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  3. My son was born during a solar storm 9/11/2014. I began to have labor pains around 3am on the 10th, my water broke around 8am on the 10th and my son was finally born sometime around 2:30AM on 9/11/14. I was curious if anyone had any insight into what this could mean for him astrologically or otherwise? If anyone could shed any light on possible significance I would be most appreciative and intrigued. My email address is MysticWaterfall333@gmail.com

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