Tune into Paranormal Radio Tonight (at 9pm EST)


Tune into Paranormal Radio tonight to listen to Captain Jack and myself discuss… something. I think we are going to chill out and Jack will discuss the current goings on in the world of the paranormal, I’ll discuss my sceptical opinion of it all, we’ll expand the myth and bring some more common sense to the world. It’s a perfect marriage of open minds and sceptical thought, often ending up with a beer and a chat about something completely unrelated to science or UFOs. Always a giggle. Jack is an awesome host, so I’m sure tonight will be great fun. Also, we’ll be going live over the Seattle and Austin airwaves!

Listening into Paranormal Radio is the same deal as listening into Astroengine Live, so be sure to tune in!

Listen to WPRT Radio using the Paranormal Radio player. Or, pick up the podcast feed to activate your favourite audio software.

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