Not “Serenity”, Not “Colbert”… Node 3 Will Be Named “Tranquility”

Node 3 will be called Tranquility (NASA)

Deciding against the popular vote, NASA has made up its mind and gone in a completely different direction (who would have guessed?). The new addition to the International Space Station, will be named “Tranquility” (in honour of the 40th anniversary of the first manned base on the Moon this July), ignoring the clear winner in the “please help us name Node 3” competition. Obviously concerned about the role Stephen Colbert’s celebrity status had securing so many votes, the space agency looked as if they might go for one of the official suggestions, the second place “Serenity”.

This didn’t happen either.

They decided to go with a more suitable public suggestion, about half-way down the top ten chart. Tranquility will join similar nodes called Unity and Harmony, sounding more and more like the components of a Japanese Zen garden every day.

But there is a consolation prize for the award-winning presenter and comedian, the new running machine will be called the Combined Operational Load Bearing External Resistance Treadmill (or COLBERT), proving once again that a lot of effort goes into NASA’s acronyms…

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16 thoughts on “Not “Serenity”, Not “Colbert”… Node 3 Will Be Named “Tranquility””

  1. I mean… really? Why have an online vote in the first place if you’re just going to ignore what the majority of serious space lovers wanted… Serenity!

  2. OK, why didn’t they go with Serenity? It fits in thematically with the other two nodes too, and it was the second place winner. ?

  3. I think that’s brilliant!
    No, not the decision to name to module “Tranquility” (which actually sounds like a good choice all things considered) but the C.O.L.B.E.R.T. !
    As an engineer who creates a lot of new tech, I can appreciate the thought process behind correct acronyms: think of the acronym before the meaning. I bet they all had a fun time trying to get the terms right to spell out Colbert (I’ve spent many a meeting doing similar things to spell out funny words)

  4. Whats the consolation prize for me, Serenity? Because I dont complain loud enough or know enough congressmen, I dont get my legitimate vote counted? So wrong, so disenfranchising.

  5. Hi Ian,Names doesn't really matter anyway. But 'Tranquility' is I think sounds better than the other names. I have seen the model of this ship and it looks really stunning. Hope all goes well with this campaign.-Angella WilsonMy Last Blog Post Revitol Stretch Mark Cream Review

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