BREAKING: Greg “Weird Things” Fish Gets Assimilated

The Blorg

There he was, happily blogging on his kick-ass World of Weird Things website when *BLAM* something happened. Looking out the window to see if there had been a car crash, Greg saw nothing. But as he sat back down, he realized it wasn’t a noise that he’d heard… it was more of a feeling.

Was this what Creationists would consider to be a “sign”? Was this a ghostly apparition? Could it be that Greg had just witnessed the Second Coming? Oh no, had he slipped down a wormhole, appeared in 2012, and he was experiencing, first hand, how the planet will be blended into a particularly creamy doomsday smoothy? (“Those Mayans! Why did I annoy them so?” he cried.)

But no, this is far worse, he could feel it in his divining rods, there was a force upsetting his chi, an oscillation in his aura, a one-part-per-billion-ths-ish too much salt in his homoeopathic remedy… this was big, and it was coming straight for him… he was about to be assimilated by the Blog Borg (a.k.a. The Blorg)*…

*Thank you to @2012Hoax for that gem of a name… “Blorg” – love it!


As you might have figured out, something big is happening to my friend and co-author Greg Fish. He’s been noticed by the awesome blogging network True/Slant and now he’s moving World of Weird Things over there.

There’s going to be no break in service, in fact, knowing Greg, he will attack this new opportunity with his skeptical barrels fully loaded and scientific nunchucks at the ready.

I’ve been following Greg’s writing religiously (or should that be skeptically) ever since he started up less than a year ago, and he’s probably one of the most talented young writers I have ever come across. He approaches every topic (of which none seem to be out of bounds) with a huge amount of understanding, and he has created one of the most active and powerful skepticism blogs out there.

The move to True/Slant means he gets to widen his audience even more and mix with many more talented writers. I for one can’t wait to follow Weird Things when he’s set up and ready to go.

Congratulations Greg!

6 thoughts on “BREAKING: Greg “Weird Things” Fish Gets Assimilated”

  1. LOL! Love all of the 2012 references there. One thing, you missed the opportunity to coin a new word here; wouldn't the 'blog borg' be the 'blorg'?

  2. LOL! Love all of the 2012 references there. One thing, you missed the opportunity to coin a new word here; wouldn't the 'blog borg' be the 'blorg'?

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