Upgrade to WordPress 2.5

Keeping up to date with the upgrades, astroengine.com has been successfully upgraded to version 2.5. Apparently v2.5 has been in the making for six months, and I must say, everyone has done a great job. The Administration section is especially nice. Let’s see if the upgrade converts into an increase in speed…

Ouch, a few plugins are now dead, but I’ll be sure to find replacements. Feel free to point out any problems with the site as you go, sending a message to ijo@astroengine.com.

More to come…

Astroengine.com Finally Up and Running!

For those of you who are regular to astroengine.com, you may notice a drastic change… what’s all this science all about?? Well, this has been in the pipeline for many, many years, but I couldn’t find the niche nor the time to put this together. The astroengine.com/.net/.co.uk domain kinda became my personal pages when I was in university, and it’s only now that I have decided to put something more focused online.
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