For One Night Only… Astroengine Fell into a Singularity

In a combination of site development, domain name changes and database editing, I thought I had it all sorted out. But obviously I’d overlooked something…

If you noticed Astroengine drop offline last night, it’s back and better than ever. I have made the final stage in the site’s development – swapping the hosting domain name from .net to .com. It’s a job I’ve been meaning to complete for a while now and last night I had the chance. Unfortunately connection was lost for a couple of hours after a database glitch and it took me some time to fix it. Poor old Astroengine was sent on an infinite cycle, bouncing between forwarded domains, so apologies if you got stuck in the event horizon.

Error fixed. If you see any problems with the site (broken links, missing images or nonsensical text), feel free to let me know. Thanks.

5 thoughts on “For One Night Only… Astroengine Fell into a Singularity”

  1. Welcome back from the brink! 🙂

    I had a similar problem with my site down yesterday (which ironically occurred as I was trying to fix a “redirect” problem Google informed me about).


    Are you going to consider allowing full feeds on your site? The partial ones just kill me–especially when I am reading AstroEngine on my phone.

  2. Hi Darnell! Yes, it was a little scary, never nice to see the site drop into the abyss! Most of my problems come from fiddling with redirects. I have since made things very simple and kept a log of any changes… but, it seems, the website is only as good as its .htaccess file (I’m in serious danger of being classed a geek… well I’m probably already there!)

    Working on the RSS feed, I didn’t know the full one wasn’t displaying. Very annoying. There must be a fix in Feedburner – in fact, do u use Feedburner? If you know of a fix, let me know.

    I hope all is going great with you.

    Cheers! Ian

  3. Hey Ian,

    Yeah, I am a FeedBurner junkie (I’ve been with them before Google decided to buy them out).

    As far as what might be wrong (on FeedBurner’s end) try logging into FeedBurner, then (from the Dashboard) click on your AstroEngine Blog feed (in case you burn more than one) and then click the “optimize” tab.

    After than, scroll down on the left until you see “Summery Burner” and if its activated, see if you can deactivate it. That should clear things up.

    If that does not, then you might want to contact FeedBurner or post a help request over at their Google Group. (username is FeedBurner).

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