The Universe Today Top 10 Scientific Endeavours of 2008 — Published!


The nominations are in, the votes are counted and the Universe Today writers have been consulted; the Top 10 Scientific Endeavours of 2008 has been published! This was probably one of the toughest top 10 lists to compile as 2008 has been a landmark year for all the sciences. Of course, the Universe Today has a focus on space science endeavours, but there is also a healthy mix of physics, biology and technology, so expect to be surprised at some of the entries in this top 10.

So, get over to the Universe Today and see the definitive Top 10 Scientific Endeavours of 2008!

Nominate Your Most Important Science Endeavour of 2008


Over at the Universe Today, I’ve started a “Top 10 Scientific Endeavours of 2008” award. I’m calling for nominations for readers favourite topics posted on the Universe Today in the past 12 months (space, general science, or otherwise). Principally, this is in response to Time Magazine’s “Top 10 Scientific Discoveries” where many of the top 10 weren’t “discoveries” at all, more “achievements”. So in the UT top 10, we’re going to keep it simple and list the most popular scientific endeavours of 2008.

So, get over to the Universe Today and nominate! You have 7 days to make your nomination count…