When Stars Collide: LIGO and Gravitational Wave Astronomy

Binary black holes generating gravitational waves. Image credit: Image Credit: K. Thorne (Caltech), T. Carnahan (NASA GSFC). Source: http://lisa.jpl.nasa.gov/gallery/binary-wave.html

The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) is an ambitious project. The experiment is designed to detect and characterize gravitational waves generated by energetic and massive events in the cosmos. What’s more, as LIGO has two stations situated 3000 kilometres (1870 miles) apart, through triangulation, the location of a star collision or black hole event can be deduced in the sky. Completed two years ago, LIGO has been taking data ever since and the time has now come to begin analysing the results, seeing if the theoretical gravitational wave can actually be observed, bringing us into a new era of astronomy, gravitational wave astronomy

Much like ripples in a space-time pond, gravitational waves are expected to propagate throughout the universe. They are created by any massive object, oscillating, orbiting or colliding, any motion that disturbs the fabric of space-time. Gravitational waves are a consequence of Einsteins general theory of relativity, and should they be detected, a direct observation of a fluctuation in space-time will have been discovered. This is where projects such as LIGO are needed.

So far, astronomers can observe electromagnetic radiation (be it optical, infra-red, X-ray or ultraviolet) and have done since Galileo Galilei’s conception of the telescope in the 17th Century. Present day, we have a whole host of observatories (Earth-based and space-borne) detecting this electromagnetic radiation, probing deep into the Suns atmosphere, seeing through stellar clouds, observing proto-stars and even detecting the faint microwave background radiation created by the Big Bang echoing around the cosmos.

To complement electromagnetic astronomy, we now have neutrino detectors, located deep underground to avoid contamination by cosmic rays and other ambient radiation. Neutrinos very weakly interact with matter, making them notoriously hard to detect. The only practical way to detect these ghostly particles is to create a very big target – in this case millions of gallons of fluid (water or some other reactive agent). As the neutrinos hit the target, a few may interact with the fluid molecules, generating a flash of Cherenkov radiation. Neutrinos are an important part of observing the conditions inside our Sun and also, due to the entire Universe being bathed in neutrinos, hold a vast quantity mass and therefore a source of dark matter.

Now, scientists hope to begin a new type of astronomy, adding to electromagnetic and neutrino observations: the observation of gravity, more precisely, the detection of gravitational waves as they ripple through space-time.

Two white dwarf stars colliding. Image credit: NASA

In a new report by Maria Alessandra Papa, results from the LIGO Scientific Collaboration (LSC) are reviewed, and generally the data is very exciting. The LIGO system has surpassed all sensitivity expectations. Having just completed a fifth science run, LIGO and other associated detectors have been pooling their data in the hope of detecting compact binary systems (a compact binary white dwarf star system is visualized by this superb NASA animation – gravitational waves included). LIGO is sensitive to waves of between 50 Hz and 1500 Hz, the expected frequency range of such a system.

The two LIGO installations in Washington and Louisiana are approximately 3000 km apart, and both are in an L-shaped configuration. Each “leg” of the L is 4 km long, encasing an ultra high vacuum where lasers can pass unhindered. Interferometers at the L joint are targeted by the lasers. Interferometery is a technique to compare the phase of two waves and to understand what conditions may affect the nature of the light if the phase changes. As LIGO has such a long baseline (i.e. a long distance for the laser to travel), any changes in the laser will be amplified at the interferometer. In the case of a gravitational wave, should it propagate through local space, the laser light will be influenced, changing the signal at the detector. In theory, as a gravitational wave travels through a LIGO laser, its path will be varied (after all, even laser photon paths can be effected by a ripple in space-time), creating an interferometer signal.

LIGO sensitivity during its 5th science run. The black solid curve shows. Image credit: Maria Alessandra Papa

Gravitational waves travel at the speed of light, so once a signal is picked up by one LIGO station, it will be a matter of milliseconds before it is received at the second station 3000 km away. Also, as there are two stations, triangulation may be used to derive the location of the gravitational disturbance.

But there’s a catch. This is all very well and good in theory, but we are not entirely sure what the signature of a gravitational wave looks like, so much more data will need to be acquired before a pattern may begin to form. According to Papa, two years of data acquisition will increase the volume of the gravitational Universe that we can observe by a factor of eight. After six years, this will increase to a factor of 1000. The data collected so far, although encouraging, does not challenge our understanding of the cosmos quite yet as we simply don’t have enough data to understand what a gravitational wave looks like, let alone whether it was generated by a black hole, binary system or a supernova. If in six years, definitive proof of a gravitational wave has not been found, we may have to re-think the nature of gravitational waves and go back to the space-time textbooks…

Progress towards Gravitational Wave Astronomy, M. Alessandra Papa, 2008, arXiv:0802.0936v1

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  1. I found this article to be very useful in the understanding of gravitational wave astronomy. All new space exploration projects are ambitious in nature and rely hoping their theory can be proved right.
    Hope LIGO comes up with exciting news about the space.

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Io possesss much more energy, maser, atmosphere of that the Moon for being been produced for a planet – Jupiter – with much more energy of that the Land. This if confirms in the relation enters the dynamic between the two planets. Io also possesss approximately the same diameter of the Moon. Diameter Moon 3470 quilometro. Speed of Translation Moon 1,03 km/seg. Io 3650 quilometro. Speed of Io Translation 17,4 Km/seg. Distancia of its Io Elementary schools – 420,000 quilometros. Lua-384.000 quilometros. Rotation – Io possesss a bigger rotation 16,44 times of the one than the Moon, or either, almost the same difference of that the translation. This all confirms the displayed one until here that the rotation, as the translation and the removal is produced by the energy and maser of astro. Here if it confirms with clarity that has a direct relation between the dynamic. TO BE CONFIRMED. 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As it was displayed above, the Land is finishes it planet to produce satellite until today, therefore the Land was produced by the Sun when the same already if it found in a phase of little production of energy, we see that the Moon produces little maser and no tectônica activity, while Io produces great activity tectônica. Why Io was produced by a planet with much energy and intense maser, therefore it is very bigger of the one than the Land, therefore that the rotation and translation of the Moon are 17 lesser times of that Io. and a very bigger eccentricity, and a bigger inclination of the one than of Io. Or either, the elementary school produces the energy in the secondary one that it goes to produce the phenomena. Thus, the inclination and eccentricity of the satellites are always next or bigger of the values of its elementary schools. E with the Moon and Io if confirms displayed previously, that the how much bigger energy and maser, greaters here will be the dynamics, the stability and the perfection of the circularidade of the orbit, and minor the eccentricity and the inclination of the translation and the rotation. E vice versa. We will see that the satellites of the planets most distant and next to its elementary schools will have greaters rotations and translation and minors eccentricity and rotational and translacional inclination. E that occurs in the proportionality of the life time and of diâmetros that represent its energy and maser. This if confirms with the satellites of all the planets. PRINCIPLE OF THE PROPORTIONALITY OF THE RATIO BETWEEN THE PHENOMENA. The POSITION, the DISTANCIA And REMOVAL DEPENDS On the ENERGY Of the ASTRO. The ratio enters the removal of the astros is increasing with the removal, where most distant they magnify the removal, for that the ratio of the distancias is always increasing. However, the removal depends on the energy in the processing of its production, and the proper energy represented for the diameter, for that it has the removal peaks, as the diameter of astro with its neighbor. This difference if confirms between Tritão and Nereida, two satellites of Neptune, where the difference of removal between the two is enormous, compared with satellites of planets next to the Sun. The ratio of the distancias suffers to increasing peak as astro goes producing its dynamics and its removal, this if it confirms between Titã and Réia of Saturn, Febe and Jupet of Saturn, between Titânia and Umbriel of Uranus, and between the Planets Jupiter and Mars. E between ganimedes and Europe de Jupiter. Therefore ganimedes has the double of the diameter of Europe and the double of the distancia. Or either, the energy of astro determines its position in the space, therefore with more diameter it will have greater energy, greater rotation, greater removal of its elementary school. The same it happens with Titânia and Umbriel Uranus satellites, therefore the ratio of the diameter is two times, or either, and the ratio of the distancia between the two satellites is 1,8, while the others with next ratios of diameter, and the ratios of the distancias also are minimum. The theory of the gravitation does not make mention to the position of the distancia for the diameter, that represents the energy and the time of construction of astro and its action of removal of astro next – neighboring -, and that this influences in the position and distancia of astro in the space. The translation speed enters these astros also folloies approximately in a value of ratio between neighboring astros. We see that the translation difference is bigger between bigger diâmetros and position. The same it happens with the rotation, the inclinations, the eccentricity, and all the other physical and structural phenomena, as achatamento of astro, atmosphere, tectônica activity, etc. The Saturn satellites if had moved away less from the one than of Jupiter for being lesser of diameter and with little energy. The skips of removal and position for the skip of diameter between the planets, satellites and comets confirm the theory of the energeticidade and maser. E as in Jupiter that has a bigger interval of Mars removal, for being Jupiter with bigger diameter, the same happens between Titã and Réia of Saturn, that is four times bigger. Between Febe and Jupet, and ganimedes and Europe, and Titânia and Umbriel de Urano. This difference also enters the ratios is present in asteroids and comets. GENERAL COMMENT OF THE THEORY. The same it happens with the translation speed where the difference of the ratio is bigger in the astros that a difference of diameter keeps, as it is the case enters the displayed Saturn satellites above, and between Jupiter and Mars. For that it has it an enormous difference enters the speed of translation of Jupiter and Mars, therefore exactly bigger Jupiter being that Mars it had more time if moving away from the sun, diminishing gradually influences it received for the sun in the origin of the translation. For that it has a bigger ratio twenty times in the diameter, three times and stocking in the removal, two times lesser in the speed of translation of Jupiter for Mars, two times and bigger way in the rotation. This confirms the displayed one until, that the translation has an origin for the elementary school and diminishes gradually, until proper astro co-ordinating all dynamics and translation, rotation and removal here if it is equivalent as the energy that the same produces. This confirmation if approaches for distant Pluto, asteroids, comets and distant satellites, where rotation, translation and removal if are equivalent in its values. We have the reason has a skip in the ratio of the translation, removal, rotation, eccentricity and inclinations of orbit and rotation here. This difference of ratio also remains in the eccentricity and inclination, and is increasing with the removal. THUS WE HAVE, 1 it question of skips in the ratio enters the phenomena in agreement its energy and diameter, 2-e the increasing ratio of removal, orbital and rotational inclination, and in agreement eccentricity astro goes being old and burning its energy. That it depends on the time of life and the energy of astro, represented for the diameter. The Jupiter satellites are approximately five compared bigger times with the ones of Saturn, for that they in average are two times more distant of the ones of Saturn, if compared with the ones of Jupiter. The translation of the satellites diminishes as the removal of the planet to the sun and diameter of the planet. Or either, the energy that it conserves depends on the energy who formed it, for that the Saturn satellites possesss greater translation of that of Uranus, exactly being the same distancia and with the same diameter. PRINCIPLE OF THE PROPORTIONALITY. Orbit of Quíron – the principle of the proportionality is also confirmed in the Quíron asteroid, therefore for its extensive removal of the Sun, it it develops the biggest inclination of orbit and the biggest eccentricity. It is confirmed in asteroids EROS, with eccentricity of 0.83 degrees, Quiron, hidalgo, and others. Also in comets, that the distancia of the Sun is not the basic one for the thread of astro in the space, but yes its energy and maser represented for its diameter. As already it was since the removal and position that it marks distanciam of the elementary school depend on the energy of astro. E the inclinations and eccentricities depend on the energy of the same ones, therefore lesser and more distant asteroids, comets and satellites of its elementary schools possess the biggest inclinations and eccentricities. E the biggest planets the lesser eccentricities and inclinations and the set of the dynamic – translation, rotation, and removal also folloies the energy of astro. The RELATION BETWEEN GANIMEDES OF JUPITER And TITÃ OF SATURN. GANIMEDES has a diameter 5,250 km, and TITÃ has a 5,800 diameter km. Ganimedes if finds to a distancia of 1.070.000 km of the elementary school. TITÃ if finds to a distancia 1.222.000 km of the elementary school. Ganimedes has a 10.9 speed km/s. Titã has a speed of 5.6 km /s. E the difference enters the diâmetros of Jupiter and Saturn is minimum. Soon one concludes that if the gravitation had some influences on the translation speed the difference of the translation between the two would be minimum and it would not be approximately the double. With this if it concludes that all dynamics depends on the energy of astro, and if Jupiter is new of the one than Saturn, then its satellite also is new, also considering that while ganimedes is the third Jupiter satellite, Titã is the seventh Saturn satellite. Soon, titã is older and spent more energy, with this develops little speed of translation. For that the difference of the translation speed is the double. While for the theory of the gravitation it would have to be equivalent in the values. We see here that the distancia with the diameter did not influence in the translation speed, but yes, the time of life and the energy represented for the diameter. This confirms the theory of the energeticidade and maser. RELATION BETWEEN SECONDARY ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS And. The diameter and the removal of the secondary ones vary as the diameter of the elementary school and its time of life. RELATION OF SPEED OF IN AGREEMENT TRANSLATION BETWEEN SATELLITES the DISTANCIAMENTO, TIME OF LIFE And DIAMETER OF ITS ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS. One confirms that the value of the Jupiter diameter is next to the one of Saturn, and Jupiter with its satellites five times the distancia of the ones of Saturn, three times the diameter of the ones of Saturn and the values of the translation speed if approach. With this if it concludes that it is not the distancia and some force that acts on astro, but yes the proper energy of exactly. OTHER TOPICS. The distancia one marks the time of life of astro, and diameter of the elementary school with its diameter and the distancia of the primary one marks the time of life and processed energy already and the energy still to be processed. MASER, ATMOSPHERE, RINGS, DISKS OF SPHERES And ASTROS. As well as Saturn and Uranus also it possesss rings, with speed of translation of more than twenty Km/s, and that Jupiter possesss a spiral atmosphere with translation and widening, next to its equator. This confirms that the translation of the secondary ones if originates from energy and maser of the elementary school, and that it has left of this maser if it transforms into rings next to the equator, and that it goes to esferificar itself, giving new beginning a secondary one. We see in Uranus rings that they more than develop a translation of twenty kilometers for second. E that the translation appears initially of proper the secondary one, and for that all secondary ones produce an orbit with little inclination and always next to the equator. To if distanciar of the elementary school, the secondary one goes to produce its proper dynamics, goes to give to beginning the tertiary ones that its energy and maser will initiate its in agreement translation. E will leave the axle of translation of the elementary school, having given beginning to a new system of astros, minors, slower and with more irregularities in its dynamics of translation, rotation and removal. The ORIGIN Of the SECONDARY Ones. The centrifuga action of the rotation and the magnetism of astro make with that its maser and atmosphere if dislocate for the equator, where go if form in atmosphere filaments and the future ring. Of rings cubical tablets of gases go to form themselves from there and the esferificação, of where it goes to form itself in secondary. For that the secondary ones possess a decreasing translation of the next ones for the last ones. E that the orbit always is next to the equator. With passing of the times, the energy diminishes and the astros start to produce its orbit and irregularities in the space. In the future probably we will have new astros and with new energies, therefore the process is constant. OTHER TOPICS. Secondary more moved away and the lesser ones are most irregular in its inclinations of orbit and rotation, and eccentricity. This if confirms, in the satellites most distant, asteroids and comets. RETROGRADE MOVEMENT. The satellite when very small very distant e tends to magnify its inclination and eccentricity gradually, and this type of inverted movement can be found in Saturn the Febe satellite. Therefore Febe possesss an inclination of orbit of 160 degrees and a great eccentricity. What it takes astro to develop the retrograde orbit is that it normally initiated its translation since its birth for its elementary school. Only that all astro that possesss little dimension and if finds of the elementary school it distant possesss little energy if processing, therefore it already spent great part of its energy, and thus, it starts to produce irregularities in its dynamics in the space. That he starts with an increasing irregularity until the retrograde movement. Uranus is a planet that walk of side, or either, the irregularities is bigger with the distanciamento, aging and reduction of energy production and maser. With enormous distancias of its elementary schools, astros small, tertiary, with little energy and aged will be astros with little dynamics, great distanciamentos, great eccentricities and inclinations and many with retrograde movements. ON SUPPOSED CAPTURE OF ASTROS FOR PLANETS. This does not exist, therefore all the astros are untied in the space, and it does not have this of field pulling for its orbit, and also by the maser the astros are moved away and not attracted, as it is thought today. E what it produces the orbits irregular is to little energy of proper astro to co-ordinate its dynamics, this happens with all distant small astros e of its elementary schools, then the small Saturn satellites had been never captured, but yes produced for Saturn. It can be compared that all distant astro small e possesss great irregularities in its dynamics, since the rotation, the translation and the removal. ON The SUPPOSED DENSITY Of the ASTROS. The density of the distant astros is a invencionice to give a proximity in the results for the translation speed that is calculated by the gravitation, however if badly we know the density of the Land, as we can know the density of distant planets. For that in my calculations, use diameter and temperature for being next to the reality. INCREASING RATIO OF PHENOMENA BETWEEN LESSER And DISTANT ASTROS. In the most distant and lesser ratio of the removal, inclinations and eccentricity are always bigger and increasing with the distanciamento and the reduction of the size of astro. The distancia and removal also are increasing, therefore with the energy reduction they start to produce orbits always more irregular. ON the REMOVAL OF SATELLITES. The Saturn satellites if had moved away less from its elementary school for being lesser and with little energy, while from Jupiter if they had moved away more, for being bigger and with more energy this confirms that the astros alem of the rotation and translation they move away as its production from energy. ON TRITÃO And ITS RETROGRADE MOVEMENT. TRITÃO is one of the giant satellites and possesss a great eccentricity and a orbital inclination of 160 degrees, considered one of the satellites that a retrograde movement for possessing so great has inclination in relation to the plan of the equator of Neptune. This only comes to contribute with the theory displayed until here. Therefore satellites of distant planets also possess great irregularities, exactly being a giant. NEREIDA, the SATELLITE OF BIGGER ECCENTRICITY. NEREIDA is another satellite of Neptune who possesss a great inclination of orbit of 28 degrees and one of the biggest eccentricities, with 0.75 degrees. This only comes to contribute with the theory of the energeticidade, of that distant planets, distant and old and small satellites produce great irregularities, and Nereida is the satellite with bigger eccentricity of the satellites until discovered here. NEREIDA also possesss a great removal of the neighboring satellite, in the Tritão case. Or either, the satellites most distant and of more distant planets are most irregular in its eccentricity and inclination. WHERE IF IT CONFIRMS DISPLAYED For the THEORY HERE the PROPOSAL. Where the REDUCTION Of The ENERGY PRODUCTION TAKES The INCREASING IRREGULARITIES Of the ASTROS. We see that Tritão and the Saturn satellite – febe possesss retrograde movement. Probably its rotation is minimum and with great inclination of rotation. Probably the more distant satellites of Pluto, minors and of it will be of bigger irregularities and with retrograde movements. ON The TITÃ ATMOSPHERE. Probably titã with its atmosphere will produce one fourth generation of astro. That it will be the first satellite with satellite. ON CHARON. Probably Charon, satellite of Pluto possesss a great eccentricity and orbital inclination. Funny Charon around Pluto in 6,39 days, that it is the same time that the planet leads to turn around its axle, keeping always same face one for the other. This if confirms in the displayed one until here, that the translation of the secondary one before starts exactly of the secondary one if to esferificar, or either, still as filaments and rings of atmosphere and maser of the elementary school, that with its rotation starts to transladar rings and filaments of atmosphere, until if esferificar. If esferificando it starts to produce this initial translation in rollback of the elementary school. To if moving away it starts to produce its proper translation. To if esferificar it starts to produce the proper rotation. With the time and removal this secondary one, goes to produce another secondary one, becoming a elementary school. As astro goes if distanciando and being without energy, it abandons the initial orbit, producing irregular and random orbital systems in the space. Always new with little less dynamic energy and and more irregularities of inclinations and eccentricities. This can be confirmed with asteroids and comets. NOMADIC And RANDOM ORBITS. That is a process that starts with little irregularity, it passes the stability and it returns the irregularity and great instabilidades and nomadic and random orbits. ACTION Of The EQUATORIAL SPEED Of the ELEMENTARY SCHOOL ON The INITIAL TRANSLATION Of the SECONDARY One. This if confirms enters the satellites of the planets, therefore with the same distancias the Uranus satellites less develop three times the period of revolution compared with the ones of Saturn. Therefore the equatorial Saturn speed is three times bigger of the one than of Uranus. the Saturn and Jupiter satellites are of 1,25 of period of bigger revolution for the Jupiter satellites for the same distancia, therefore the difference of the equatorial speed between the two is of 1,25 greaters for Jupiter. As also the difference is next to the ratio one for diameter and rotation, and 1,3 for translation. It is good for standing out that the energy produces the rotation, that produces the equatorial speed that with the maser go to produce tran and the difference between slação of the secondary one. E the secondary one will be produced by the expelled material as form of maser of the elementary school. To if esferificar and becoming astro it goes to initiate its rotation, for whom secondary the very next ones possess little rotation, therefore still is starting to speed up itself rotationally. This if confirms in all the very next elementary schools. HERE WE HAVE FORCEFUL EXPLANATIONS OF ASTRONOMY. 1 – the elementary school produces the secondary one that also it initiates its translation. Then we have here the beginning of the translation and the origin of astro. 2 – because the tertiary one folloies the secondary one, and both follow the elementary school for the space. Therefore, in the beginning they had had an origin of the translation produced for the elementary school, to put, to if moving away and losing energy this secondary one, or tertiary it goes to leave the system full, therefore, he himself inside of the solar system already produces its proper dynamics, only that it are of the system, it more will not follow the elementary school for the space. This already happens with some comets and asteroids, that to the times enter inside of the solar system and leave without suffering and influence of action none of the Sun. 3- why astro all very next to the elementary school possesss little rotation. Therefore still it is in formation and all its dynamics still is minimum. PRINCIPLE Of the ORIGIN Of the ASTRO And the DYNAMICS. Thus, we have here the beginning of astro, the beginning of the rotation and equatorial speed, of the translation. Thus, to if moving away it goes to produce its proper rotation and translation, and with its energy and maser he goes to produce new filaments of gases, from there new spheres, that with its equatorial speed go to produce the translation in new astro, and from there its esferificação and rotation. Before exactly of being sphere astro already possesss translation. It goes being moved away for the maser and temperature from the elementary school, and starts to produce its proper translation and rotation. For that a tertiary one folloies the translation of the secondary one, exactly this secondary one following the translation of the elementary school. To put with the removal it will tend to produce an orbit isolated, with other inclinations and eccentricities. To if distanciar it it will have little energy, and consequently less dynamic and more irregularities. TO SEE PRINCIPLE OF THE CIRCULARIDADE. The ENERGY DETERMINES And PRODUCES the DYNAMICS And the STABILITY In the ASTRO. THIS IF CONFIRMS DE JUPITER the TRITÃO. CALCULATION OF THE TRANSLATION FOR THE ROTATION OF THE PROPER ASTRO IN RELATION TO THE ROTATION OF THE LAND MULTIPLIED FOR FIVE. FOR EXTERIOR PLANETS. Jupiter – 2,3 * 5 = 13. Saturn – 2,1 * 5 = 10. Uranus – 1,1 * 5 = 5,5 Neptune – 1 * 5 = 5. Pluto – 0,2 * 5=5. This relation between rotation and translation for planets, also are confirmed for the exterior satellites of Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. ON URANUS. Uranus walks of side for possessing little energy and being initiating an orbit and rotation with great inclination. The trend is that in the future the astros are in greater number and slower and all with random and irregular orbits. E many reactionary. E that also does not follow the elementary schools for the space ON The URANUS ROTATION. Uranus possesss three times little diameter of that Jupiter and four times more of the one than the Land, and being older and with little energy, therefore the energy had more time spending, then the value of its rotation has that to come close itself to the value of the Land, being between twenty and twenty five hours. E this already was confirmed with the comment. The rotation of Neptune also is next to the Land. ASTEROIDS. ASTEROID ÍCARO possesss an eccentricity of 0.83 degrees and goes next Mercúrio and Mars, and in the perihelion it is the 28.000.000 kilometers of the Sun, and in the aphelion it is the 307.000.000 kilometers of the Sun. With this if it concludes that the orbit depends on the energy of astro, and not of the gravitation. Therefore astros minors produce orbits more irregular. ASTEROID HIDALGO, with a orbital period of 13.7 years, and an eccentricity of 0.67 degrees, and with a orbital inclination of 43 degrees. QUÍRON possesss a orbital eccentricity of 0.379, and with a orbital inclination of 6.9 degrees. With this we evidence that the orbit is not determined by the gravitation of astro or the Sun, but yes for its energy, therefore approximately in the same distancia of the planets to the Sun very, the asteroids produce orbits irregular, for possessing little energy, and with a period of short while lesser revolution of that the planets. With this if it evidences that the astros are free and producing its proper dynamics. With this, the displayed one is confirmed until, of that astros small they possess little irregular dynamics and orbits, for produces little energy, and this here independe of the distancia of the Sun. CALCULATION OF SPEED OF TRANSLATION Of the SECONDARY One WITH the SPEED EQUATORIAL Of the ELEMENTARY SCHOOL MULTIPLIED WITH the DIAMETER And DIVIDED By the REMOVAL. It is GOOD FOR RELATING THAT The EQUATORIAL SPEED Of the ELEMENTARY SCHOOL INITIATES the TRANSLATION, AS the ENERGY, MASER, DIAMETER And ROTATION Of the ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. The DIAMETER REPRESENTS the ENERGY And MASER Of the SECONDARY One. The REMOVAL REPRESENTS the TIME OF LIFE And the EXPENSE OF ENERGY DURING THIS TIME. The EQUATORIAL SPEED Of the PLANET IN QUILOMETRO For the moment. The diameter is divided by 1.000. The removal is divided by 100.000 for satellites, comets and asteroids. The removal is divided by 100.000.000 for planets. SPEED OF TRANSLATION FOR THE EQUATORIAL SPEED OF THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. 1680/1000 = 1,68 equatorial speed of the Land. 3470/1000 = 3,47 diameter of Moon 384,000/100,000 = 3,87 removal of the Moon in relation Land. Moon – 1,68 * 3,47/3,84 = 1,5 /2 = 0,75 km/s. For Jupiter satellites. Io – 45000/1000 = 45 3670/1000 = 3,67 420000/100000=4.2 45*3.67/ 4,2 = 39,3 /2 = 19,5 km/segundo. Europe. 45000/1000=45 2980/ 1000 = 2,98 671000/100000=6.71 45*2.98/ 6,71 = 19.9/2=10 Ganimedes. 45000/1000 = 45 5250/1000=5.250 1.070.000/ 100000 = 10 45*5.2/10.7=22/ 2 = 11 Calisto. 45.000/1000=45 4900/1000=4.9 1.884.000/100000 = 18,8 45*4.9/18.8=11.7 /2 = 6 km/segundo. For the Saturn satellites. Satellite janus 37000/ 1000 = 37 quilometro/segundo. 300/ 1000 = 0,3 159000/100000=1.59 37*0.3/1.59=7 Titã 37 * 5.8/12.2 = 17.5 ANOTHER FORM OF IF CALCULATING the TRANSLATION For the ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. To calculate planet orbit if it divides the distancia for 100 000 000. To calculate satellite orbit if it divides the distancia for 100 000. The equatorial speed if divides in such a way per 1000 in the calculation for planets how much for satellites. In quilometro for the moment. The diameter if divides in such a way per 1000 for calculation for planets how much for satellites. The formula is equatorial speed of distancia elementary school /1000 [ diameter /1000 ]/[/for 100 000 000 for planets 1 ]. Mercury. Equatorial speed of Sun for the moment = 60,000 km/s/1 000=60. Diameter of the planet = 4,500 quilometro/1 000 = 4.5. Distancia of the planet to the Sun. = 58.000 000 quilometro/100.000.000. [ 1 ]. 60 4,5 /[0.58 1] = 41 quilometro for second. Venus. 60 8/[ 1,08 1 ] = 32,7 quilometro for second. Land = 60 12/[ 1,5 1 ] = 28.8. Mars = 60 6/[ 2,2 1 ] = 20.6. Jupiter = 60 144/[ 7,8 1]=20. Saturn = 60 120/ [ 14 1 ] = 12. Uranus = 60 46/[ 28 1 ] = 3.6. Neptune = 60 45/ [ 45 1 ] = 2,3 Pluto = 60 6/ [ 59 1 ] = 1.1 TO CALCULATE the SPEED OF TRANSLATION Of the SATELLITES For The EQUATORIAL SPEED Of ITS RESPECTIVE PLANETS. Equatorial speed of the elementary school in quilometro for the moment divided by 1.000. The diameter of the satellite divided for 1.000. The distancia of the satellite of its elementary school divided for 100.000 [ one hundred a thousand ]. Comment. For the 000 planets [ is 100 000 one hundred million ]. FORMULA. EQUATORIAL SPEED OF ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 1,000 DIAMETER OF SECONDARY/THE 1,000/100,000 [ DISTANCIA/]. FOR the SATELLITE Of the LAND, the MOON. Moon. [ 1680/1,000 ] [ 3,470/1,000 ]/[ 384.000/100.000 ] = 1,3 km/second. FOR THE SATELLITES DE JUPITER. Equatorial Jupiter speed /1,000 diameter of distancia satellite /1,000/of satellite/100.000. Io. [ 45,000 /1,000 ] [ 3,650 /1,000 ]/[ 420.000/100.000]=11.5 km/segundo. Europe. 45 2,98/6,71 = 7,1 quilometro for second. Ganimedes. 45 5,25/10,7 = 4.7. Calisto. 45 4,9/18,8 = 2.6 FOR THE SATURN SATELLITES. [ Equatorial Saturn speed/1,000 ] [ diameter of distancia satellite/1,000 ]/[ /100,000 ]. JANUS. [ 37,000/1000 ] [ 300 /1000 ]/[ 159 000/100 000]=23.4 km per second. MIMAS. 37 0,4/1,86 = 20,1 quilometro for second. ENCÉLADO. 37 0,6 /2,38 = 15.7. TÉTIS. 37 1. / 2,95 = 12,8 DIONÉIA 37 0,8 /3,77 = 10 RÉIA 37 1 /5,27 = 7,2 TITÃ 37 5.8/12.2 = 4,3 HIPÉRION 37 0,4 /14,8 = 2,5 JAPET. 37 1,6 /35,5 = 1. FEBE 37 0,2/129 = 0.28 CALCULATION OF SPEED OF TRANSLATION FOR EQUATORIAL SPEED OF THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. FOR URANUS SATELLITES. The equatorial speed of elementary school for the moment/1,000 the diameter of satellite/1,000/of the distancia/of 100.000. MIRANDA – 13,7 0,24/1,3 = 10 quilometro for second ARIEL- 13,7 0,7/1,92 = 7,5 UMBRIEL – 13,7 0,5/2,67 = 5,3 TITÂNIA – 13,7 1/4,38 = 3,3 0BERON – 13,7 0,9/5,86 = 2.3 CALCULATION FOR TRITÃO, NEPTUNE SATELLITE, FOR EQUATORIAL SPEED FOR THE MOMENT. [ 9,000/1,000 ] [ 3,800 /1,000 ]/[ 340,000/100,000 ] = 9 3,8/3,2 = 4 quilometro for second. CALCULATION FOR CHARON, SATELLITE DE PLUTO. Equatorial speed of PLUTO [ 140/1,000 ] [ diameter 1,200/1,000 ]/[ Distancia 20 000/100 000 ]. = 0,14 1,2/0,5 = 3,1 quilometro for second. It gives to observe itself that as the planets go if moving away from the Sun, the orbit of its elementary schools also becomes slower, therefore satellites with the same diameter and the same distancia in relation the satellites distant planets, these diminish its dynamics gradually and magnify the irregularities in the eccentricity and the inclinations. With this it is only had to more still confirm the theory of the energeticidade and maser. Of that the planets most distant had been the first ones to be produced, and had produced its satellites first, with this they possess little energy, therefore they had had more time spending and processing the energy. E this full runs away any relation with effect from gravitation. E goes of meeting to supported here for the theory of the energeticidade and the maser. Of that the energy and the time of processing of this energy determine the life, the processes, thermal structure, orbit, activities, sismos, energy, magnetism, tectônica activity, maser, tectônica activity, orbit, dynamics and atmosphere. In this form of calculation to meet the translation of the secondary one for the equatorial speed of the elementary school, it is Express that in agreement the diameter also diminishes the energy is lesser, decreases the maser. Also it decreases and the tectônicas activities and the atmosphere it folloies the decrease, the rotation of the elementary school diminishes decreasing its equatorial speed, with this sees that as the diameter decreases, diminishes the translation of the secondary one, for that the more distant minors and possess lesser dynamic. UNIVERSE OF CONSTRUCTION And DESCONSTRUÇÃO. The universe is a constant process of construction and desconstrução, and some universes if they find in phase of decrease of energy and its phenomena, that is the case of ours. Comment The results found for the calculation of translation for the equatorial speed and its proximity with the exactness alone come to confirm the action of the equatorial speed produced by the energy and maser in the production of the translation and orbit of the secondary one in the space. E that the satellites of the planets most distant, with the same distancia in relation to other satellites, and that of the distant planets they develop dynamic little. This if also confirms in the removal and the rotation of the satellites. E its orbits are most irregular for the removal and the diameter. It is good for knowing that use fancy of values of densities of astros not to arrive the results that do not come to beat with the formula, as he is used in the theory of the gravitation. It is confirmed exactly that the rings and the atmospheres also possess translation, with this before existing as sphere, therefore astro as filament already develops its translation. PRINCIPLE Of EQUIVALENCE. It has a skip of values of diameter between Saturn satellites, and this skip if it repeats enters the distancias of the same satellites. That it is between Réia and Titã, and JAPET and Hipérion all of Saturn, and this difference is of three times for the diâmetros and the phenomena of the satellites. Also with the removal. This difference if also makes gift between the distancia and diameter of Titânia and Umbriel Uranus satellites. As already it was seen this skip equivalent also is present between Jupiter and Mars. E as already was seen this skip if it must the energy that astro produced more and the time that the same led to distanciar themselves of the next neighbor who is in formation. The skip, or better, the time of production of astro with the time of acceleration for the upgrade of energy registered for the difference of the diameter, determines a skip in the removal and all the other phenomena, orbit and structure. It is equivalence of skips also goes to be present in the removal, translation, revolution, rotational and translacional rotation, inclinations, eccentricity, achatamento of the sphere of astro, and other phenomena, variations of structure and irregularities, temperature, tectônica activity, rings and atmosphere, and all the other structural and orbital phenomena and formations. This skip equivalent proves all the phenomena displayed until here, developed and displayed for the theory of the estruturante fluxonário universe and for the theory of the energeticidade and maser. The streams also follow and vary as vary these skips. The BIRTH Of the TRANSLATION. The energy produces the maser, the maser produces the rotation, the atmosphere, rings, and astros that if they form and that they are parts of the elementary schools, and as part of the elementary school what we have translation notion is in the truth still part of the rotation of the elementary school. More only moved away than this secondary one it goes to produce its rotation and its proper translation. Exactly before being sphere astro already possesss translation and rotation. We see in Mercury that the same possesss great translation and little rotation, why it still is part of the Sun and its rotation and equatorial speed. The same Jupiter satellite happens with the first Amaltéia, and with first Janus Saturn satellite. To if distanciar all they will produce its proper rotation and translation, leaving the elementary school and producing its proper orbit. This confirms because exactly producing its dynamics and removal the satellite folloies its planet, and this in turn the Sun. However comets exist that produce orbits without following its elementary school. Translation of astro if initiates still as atmosphere, later filaments of atmosphere that is the case of Jupiter rings, later as rings that are the case of Saturn and Uranus, and finally as sphere. ON the ORIGIN Of the ROTATION. When still new the rotation still is if initiating, for that all the astros next to its elementary schools possess little rotation, this if it confirms of the planets to the satellites. The same it happens with the removal of the elementary school. Therefore the energy is in agreement that astro acquired during the formation that the same will develop all its dynamics, orbit, phenomena and physical and chemical structure. E chemical processings. CALCULATION FOR ECCENTRICITY OF THE SATURN SATELLITES. Considering the diameter and the removal, one confirms that the next greaters and possess little eccentricity, and vice versa. The same it is succeeded with the orbital inclination and of rotation. It follows thus, the principle of the stability and circularidade for the energy production. The diameter in quilometro and not in relation to the Land. JANUS – 0,2/diameter/100 progression retroceding of 10 until one as the number of the satellites. JANUS – 0,2/3 10 = 0,038 MINES – 0,2/4 9 = 0,038 ENCÉLADO- 0,2/ 6 8 = 0,035 TÉTIS – 0,2 /10 7 = 0,03 DIONÉIA – 0,2/8 6 = 0,035 RÉIA – 0,2/ 16 5 = 0,023 TITÃ – 0,2/58 4 = 0,008 HIPÉRION – 0,2/4 3 = 0,07 JAPET – 0,2/16 2=0.028 FEBE – 0,2/2,4 1=0.147 This calculation if approaches to the reality and is accurate for the majority of the Saturn satellites. Here one confirms that the more distant and lesser, bigger it is the eccentricity of astro. E as Jupiter, titã for being immense and same being distant, possesss a minimum eccentricity. CALCULATION FOR REMOVAL OF SATELLITES. EQUIVALENCE OF DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DIAMETER And REMOVAL. FEBE the JAPET – diameter 16 of febe, divided for the diameter of Japet 2,4, is equal the six times – that is come close to the removal between the two. Between Japet and Hipérion = diameter of Japet 16 divided by the diameter of Hipérion four, = the ratio of the difference of the removal if approaches to two. Between Titã and Réia – titã possesss a 58 diameter of quilometro, and Réia is 16, 58/16 = 3, then the ratio of the distancia if approaches to three. Between RÉIA and DIONÉIA – the diameter of Réia is 16 kilometers and dionéia he is eight, dividing 16 for eight, then the ratio of the removal between the two if approaches to two. For the others, the ratio between the diâmetros diminishes for less of the one than two, then the ratio also enters the removal beats for less of the one than two. The same it happens enters the URANUS satellites, where all possess a ratio of diameter below of two, and all possess a ratio of removal below of two, however between Titânia and umbriel the ratio of the diameter arrives next to two, where also the ratio of the removal arrives next to two. The same planets happen with other satellites of other, and between planets, this difference of removal for diameter, that in the truth is the processed energy that moves away astro, if has with clarity BETWEEN JUPITER and MARS. This difference folloies for all the phenomena, variation of structure, disintegration, intensity of phenomena, dynamics and orbit. With this if test that the astros are in removal produced for the energy and maser. E that the theory of the gravitation used the distancia, but did not obtain to calculate it. However I calculated here in such a way for planets, how much for satellites. E was not necessary to make use of the distancia as constant to meet the dynamics, orbit and other phenomena and structures of the astros. This confirms that the astros if move away for the energy, and they are not attracted by the gravitation. E that the ratio of the distancia is bigger enters most distant, this if confirms between Tritão and Nereida, and Japet and Fege. CALCULATION FOR INCLINATION OF THE SATURN SATELLITES With the diameter in kilometers divided by 100, with the progression of 1 the 10 for the respective satellites, divided of the result of the diameter. JANUS -1/3 = 0,3 MIMAS – 2/ 4 = 05 ENCÉLADO – 3/ 6 = 05 TÉTIS – 4/ 10=04 DIONÉIA – 5/ 8=0.62 RÉIA – 6/ 16=0.37 TITÃ – 7/ 58=0.12 HIPÉRION – 8/ 4 = 2 JAPET – 9/16=0.5 FEBE – 10/ 2.4=4.1 It is confirmed for this calculation that the inclination is increasing with the removal, and that the greaters and with more energy if processing the inclination are lesser. IRREGULARITIES WITH the DECREASE OF ENERGY PRODUCTION. , thus more distant they possess little energy, therefore already he had more time processing and spending the energy, and the minors possess little energy for being its lesser structure. With this the instability is bigger, taking astro in these conditions to develop great eccentricities, great orbital and rotational inclinations, and some even with retrograde movements, that are moved away and lesser and unstablest. This form of calculation with the diameter representing the energy can be for all the planets, satellites, comets and asteroids. Of the diameter the rotation can be found, of the rotation the equatorial speed, the equatorial speed the translation, inclination, eccentricity, and all the other phenomena. Or same it can directly be calculated. The energy is more practical to use the diameter representing, therefore the diameter can directly be calculated in proper astro. While in the theory of the gravitation the mass is calculated with the movement of astro in the space, and from there to find the movement, or either, the result is arranged, created for a measured phenomenon already. Therefore the mass is the addition of the diameter with the density, however if we do not know right nor the density of the Land or the Moon, as to know the density of distant astros. ON The MORE DISTANT MINORS And. The more distant minors and are most irregular, therefore they are the ones that possess minor amount of energy if processing. ON the ROTATION. The achatamento does not determine the rotation, therefore, astro that it has the lesser achatamento is Jupiter and produces the biggest rotation. To put rotation and achatamento is produced by the energy of astro, represented for diameter and removal. ON the PRINCIPLE Of the REMOVAL. Already one confirmed that the Land is diminishing its rotation in sixteen seconds for a million of years. This confirms the principle of the removal and the reduction of the dynamics. SATELLITES DE MARS. The achatamento of the Mars satellites is great for being minimum, then they had passed little time if forming. E with great achatamento possesss minimum rotation, what it confirms that the rotation if must the energy and maser of astro. PRINCIPLE OF THE RELACIONALIDADE. One confirms above for the displayed one that it has a direct relation between energy, diameter, maser, rotation, equatorial speed and translation between the astros and its secondary ones. ON the MOON. PARADÓXIDOS Of the MOON TO BE ANSWERED WITH the THEORY Of the ENERGETICIDADE And MASER. The moon is the new satellite of the solar system, why the Land already was formed of the sun when the same it met with little energy, for that it possesss little dynamics in relation to its diameter, exactly being produced for the Land. Therefore the planet Land alone is older of the one than Venus and Mercúrio. For that the moon possesss as many irregularities in its orbit and rotation in the space. With diameter of 3.470 kilometers, it only develops a translation of 1.03 quilometro for second, and a rotation of 708 hours, or 29,6 days terrestrial. CALCULATION FOR TRANSLATION And ROTATION. Diameter of Jupiter in relation to the land 12 times, divided for the diameter of the land, 11/1 = 11 times the translation of Io, that is faster of the one than the moon, if compared that one meets approximately in the same distancia and approximately with the same diameter. The same it is compared enters the rotation of the two satellites. These numbers are not accurate, but the formula will be necessary can be approached. Compared with the Jupiter satellite the Io, it it approximately possesss the same distancia of the elementary school, and approximately the same diameter, confirms that Io produces a bigger translation 16,8 times of the one than the Moon. With this if it confirms that Jupiter produced Io with much more energy of that the Land produced the Moon and Io – Jupiter satellite possesss energy if not processing, with bigger temperature, sismos, magnetism and tectônica activity. With the rotation the same it is happened again, Io produces the rotation speed 16,8 times faster of the one than the Moon. For incredible that it seems the difference between rotation and translation she is minimum. The eccentricity varies of 0.0432 the 0,0667 of degrees, and an inclination of 5.0 the 5,08 degrees in the ecliptic. The ecliptic is the plan in relation to the sun. Io develops orbital inclination of 3 degrees and practically null eccentricity, thus confirming that the irregularity of the Moon is fruit of its condition of energy production, that the elementary school granted to it in its formation. This matching with Io is important why the data of the Moon, its irregularities are fruit of the energy production that formed it and that it processes. TO BE PROVEN WITH the THEORY PROPOSAL. It goes to be proven for this theory that the irregular Moon and its phenomena – great enigma of astronomy, that these irregularities are produced by the condition of energy production where if find, and as all astro with little time of existence and young is very irregular in its phenomena. It is what we will see ahead. ORBITS FLUXONÁRIAS. EVECÇÃO And the PRINCIPLE Of the EGG OF IRREGULAR HEN. The solar maser produces the evecção of the orbit of the moon. What it produces the evecção phenomenon is the variation of maser and energy of astro, and the moon for being next to the Sun, suffers more the action from the temperature and solar maser, for that its ellipse possesss a bigger variation of that other satellites. As also its inclination is bigger variation. Its removal, rotation and translation also possess great variation. STREAM And EVECÇÃO. The variation stream that is the evecção in the eccentricity varies of 0.0432 the 0,0667 degrees when the ellipse if finds strained, or either, up to fifty percent more of the eccentricity of the ellipse when strained. ON the EVECÇÃO – WHEN the LAND IF APPROACHES To the SUN. The evecção of the moon always is bigger when the Land if approaches to the sun, with this if it confirms that the annual inaqualities of the evecção are bigger when the Land if approaches to the Sun Therefore is not that the ellipse magnifies, but yes that during this period of approach the evecção is bigger. Or either, the solar thermal maser speeds up the energy of the moon and the stream also magnifies. This stream also happens with the land, however the variation is minimum. ON VARIATION OF DISTANCIAMENTO OF SATELLITES TO ITS PLANETS. The satellites accurately do not develop the same position directed to the center, as the planet as reference, or either, it has satellites that exactly inside of the ellipse it develops orbit with a side next to the center and the other most distant one. Or either, the majority of the elementary schools does not meet in the accurate center in relation to the orbit of its secondary ones. With this if it concludes that the energy develops the proper movement. Exactly with the eccentricity and the Inclination Pluto and Netuno they produce its orbit keeping always a removal for one of the sides of the ellipse. This if also confirms in the satellites Nereida, Charon and Febe with its respective planets. The comet of Halley and the Quíron asteroid also produce this removal for one of the sides in relation to the Sun. This distanciamento of one of the sides is bigger in the astros more moved away from the sun and its elementary schools. Or either, the irregularity magnifies with the distanciamento, size, production of energy and time of life. CONDITIONS FOR the VARIATION Of the EVECÇÃO. 1-A evecção is bigger when the Land if finds next to the sun, in the perihelion. 2 it moon develops ellipse imperfect, when the moon if approaches to the Sun, in the new moon, it is sped up by the solar thermal maser, making with that this if approaches to a format of a hen egg, always with one of the parts pontuda, that the part less pontuda is next to the sun. Or either, one same orbit can start with 0.432 degrees of arc and in the other tip to finish with 0.0667 degrees. THIS ANSWERS THE FOUR COMPLICATIONS OF THE ORBIT OF THE MOON. The PRINCIPLE Of The HEN EGG, the ELLIPSE WITH ONE Of the EXTREMITIES MORE PONTUDAS. Why when the new moon always is next to the sun, with this it receives thermal energy solar, speeding up and magnifying its processes and production of energy. E when it leaves the new and if moves away and starts to be the increasing one, exactly with its magnified energy the gravitation of the sun attracts it and it pulls it for the center, being late its movement. E as the amount of energy it determines the circularidade of the orbit and dynamics of astro in the space, with the upgrade of energy in the pass of the new moon for the increasing one makes with that the moon closes its orbit, therefore the production and energy processes had had an upgrade. For that after the pass next to the sun the moon leaves with the closed orbit, that goes opening passing for the full one and in the declining room already if it finds well open, and enters open with 39,5 degrees of shift arc in longitude. For this we have in the evecção I begin it of the egg. E this happens mainly with the moon for being the satellite next to the Sun. Thus, it is not the Sun that however strains the ellipse, and however it compresses it, but yes, the natural condition of energy of the moon in the production of its present orbit in the declining room. E influences it of the thermal energy of the sun that makes with the orbit comes to be compressed, therefore for the principle of the circularidade the ratio of that the energy magnifies circulates it of the orbit always tends more the perfection. Thus, with the condition of energy of the moon, with the temperature of the Sun it makes with that the moon has great irregularities in its orbit and dynamics. INCREASING DECELERATION IN THE INCREASING ROOM. The other point is the variation of the dynamics, therefore in the increasing room the same moon receiving the upgrade from the dynamics for the proximity with the solar thermal maser, when it enters in the increasing room that goes to leave the proximity of the sun, the moon starts to receive influences it of the solar gravitation, delaying and decelerating its output. It is deceleration is not uniform, is a deceleration that goes losing intensity. Soon it is an increasing deceleration. INCREASING ACCELERATION IN THE DECLINING ROOM. E when it arrives at the full moon already finds with its proper dynamics, when passing to the declining room it passes to be sped up, therefore the solar gravitation in this point starts to act, making with that the moon magnifies its dynamics in route to the sun. This acceleration is increasing. VARIATION Of the EVECÇÃO And the DYNAMICS. 1- Thus, we have an increasing deceleration in the increasing room. 2-Uma proper acceleration in the new and full moon. it is an increasing acceleration in route to the sun in the declining room. 4- the ELLIPSE Of The HEN EGG ALSO Is not UNIFORM, Therefore the side that if it initiates in the increasing room is well closed, while the side that finishes and goes in route to the sun in the end of the declining room more is opened of the one than the side that if it initiates in the increasing one. Soon, exactly being oval the preciseest one in one of the extremities, one of the sides also is more closed of the one than the other. IN RELATION To The INCREASING ROOM the DYNAMICS IS DELAYED. Thus we have – Natural speed of the moon for its production of energy, deducted from the action of agent against principal of the gravitation of the sun, is equal to the deceleration of the moon in the increasing room. IN RELATION To The DECLINING ROOM the DYNAMICS INCREASING And IS SPED UP. Thus, we have. Natural speed of the moon for its production of energy, added of the favorable action of the gravitation of the sun, is equal to the acceleration of the moon in route to the sun in the declining room. ON the VARIATION Of the EVECÇÃO, OR the PRINCIPLE Of the EGG OF HEN DEFORMED IN ONE OF ITS EXTREMITIES. Deformation of the egg for inside. Thus we have. In the increasing room the natural energy of the moon is added with the thermal maser of the sun making with that the moon develops its orbit for inside. E the egg of hen with a achatamento for inside. Therefore the moon starts to still close its orbit when in the new moon phase, therefore it is the phase next to the sun, and if the circularidade is produced by the energy, then the more energy, more perfect the circularidade. Added natural energy with the solar energy is equal to the orbit of the moon for inside. VARIATION OF THE EQUATORIAL INCLINATION OF THE MOON. The moon possesss a variation of nine minutes of arc for more or for less, in its five degrees and nine minutes of average orbital inclination, this variation occurs in the period of 173,3 days. Being maximum of nine seconds for more when the string that passes for the nodes, also passes for the sun. Or either, nothing it has to have with action of gravitation, therefore it was had would have to happen in the period of the perihelion of the land, when the land if finds next to the sun, that is during the new moon. Therefore what it happens that the inclination is pra inside during the periods of the nodes in nine minutes. To put that is a constant process of dynamics that already is part of the nature of the irregular dynamics of the moon, produced for its condition of small production of energy. This variation of nine minutes had an origin that it started with the beginning of the orbit of the moon, that as the distancia moon if of the land, it widens its inclination, diminishing this variation with passing of the times and reduction the energy production. More the fronts summer that the astros pass for three phases. This happens in the eclipse nodes, or either, in the plan of orbit of the moon in relation to the ecliptic, therefore the moon if formed of the land, and started to develop its orbit from the alignment of the land with the sun, however as all astro, it moves away itself, he loses energy and dynamics, and he starts to magnify its inclination and eccentricity. In this it has a variation of nine minutes of arc for inside during the nodes, that occur to each 173,3 days. Or either, any relation with the dependence runs away full from the gravitation, therefore it confirms there that what determines this irregularity is the condition of the origin of astro and the energy production. Also it has a stream in the eccentricity, the removal and the inclination of rotation. If this was proceeding from the gravitation would occur during all perihelion of the land, when the land if found next to the sun, or same during the new moon. Soon, this phenomenon if must the condition of the origin of the moon, therefore it has six of each moon phase that goes if envergando until arriving at the time of the node, or either, half year of eclipse, that is 173,3 days, and is not year of 365 days as ours. Soon, that is all a process that if develops all during the time, stops at that time of eclipse node this comes to occur in its maximum. Or either, it goes if envergando slowly during 173,3 days, or either, this envergamento is occurring in each as that during the eclipse phase it is in the maximum position for inside. FORMULA TO CALCULATE The DAILY VARIATION Of the INCLINATION. 9/2 = 4,5 4,5/86,65 = 0,05193 minutes of increasing arc, initiating in the eclipse node. E 0,05193 minute of decreasing arc, continuing and closing the arc until the eclipse node and to form all variation, and comes back to remake the variation. It is the time that the sun leads to pass of a node to another one, or either, half year of eclipse, that is the period of 173,3 days. The average is 5,9 degrees of orbital inclination. Later slowly it comes back if to open. This difference can be calculated with 4.5 minutes increasing initiating in the eclipse node that arrives until the half of 173,3 days, or either, in each day it has an increasing fraction of the 4,5 minutes up to 86,65 days, later starts to decrease in each day divided in fraction of the 4,5 minutes of arc. However, this stream this diminishing with the millions of years. The land and all the astros produce this stream of irregularities. DEFORMATION OF THE EGG FOR IS. In the declining room the moon continues some time, of the full one until the decadence far of the sun and a good time without receiving with more intensity the solar thermal maser, thus in little energy the moon opens its orbit, deforming it for it are, and the egg of hen with a lump for is. Natural energy, without upgrade of solar energy is equal to the orbit for is. ON the REMOVAL Of the MOON And the LAND, And ALL The OTHER ASTROS. The moon possesss a removal of the land of four centimeters per year, and this already was proven by comments in previous eclipses. This seems little, but if treating to thousand of years we see that the moon if moves away from the proportional land its production of energy, and it is not attracted by the gravitation. The AGE Of the MOON And the UNIVERSE. It has to also confirm that the moon is well older of the one than if thinks, if to take in consideration the time of relative removal the four seconds per year, and the esferificação time, then, the age of the moon, the land and the universe must be well older. The removal, the stream of orbit and the principle of the hen egg that is the evecção all the other astros also produce, that in scale only lesser, therefore they are very far of the sun. EXCRESCÊNCIAS OF POSITION Of the LAND IN RELATION To the MOON, And INSTABILITY OF ORBIT Of the MOON IN RELATION the LAND. Why a side of the land is next to the moon of the one that the other side, therefore the moon as it will be seen ahead originated from the land and if it moves away, and as already was seen the origin of astro if it initiates in the phase of gases and atmosphere until filaments, esferificando and forming astro secondary. Thus for being the land and to always keep a side next to the equator next to the moon if it must its formation and initial phase. As already it was displayed by the theory of the energeticidade and maser of that all astro very young tends the irregularities, and is irregularity not alone of the land, but yes of its secondary one, that it was formed and in the beginning of its translation if located of side of the elementary school. This excrescência not if must the calls tides of the land, but yes the proper moon that if located of side of the planet land, its elementary school, during its process of formation, that started of the maser, atmosphere, atmosphere filaments until rings, later reels of atmosphere layers, until the phase of sphere. CONTRACTION OF ROTATION OF THE LAND FOR THE ENERGY PRODUCTION. As already it was seen and calculated that the rotation if must to the production of energy of proper astro, it confirms that the planet land is decelerating its rotation in sixteen seconds in each million of years. Therefore this phenomenon and variation if must to the consumption of energy of the production of the same one, and not it tides and effect Land-moon, much less if must to the effect of the gravitation. SECULAR ACCELERATION OF THE MOON. The secular acceleration of the moon is in the truth the gradual removal of the moon in relation t

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