Daily Roundup: SpaceX are Moving into Cape Canaveral, Colliding Black Holes and Global Warming

Colliding galaxies can force the supermassive black holes in their cores together (NCSA)

Just a quick update on todays articles I’ve posted on the Universe Today: Titan Launch Pad Tower Blown Up at Cape Canaveral (Gallery), Supermassive Black Hole Kicked Out of Galaxy: First Ever Observation, Global Warming is Accelerating Faster than can be Naturally Repaired

For me, the most incredible story was the colliding black hole research to come out of the Max Planck Institute. They have observed a black hole being “kicked out” of its host galaxy during a galactic merger event. Two supermassive black holes collided, causing a huge recoil, ejecting a black hole of several hundred million solar masses into intergalactic space. Stunning science.

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