Carnival of Space Week 52 – The Anniversary Edition @ Why Homeschool

Babylon 5 space station

One year on, the Carnival of Space has gone from strength to strength. After astroengine hosted the Carnival last week, I realized just how many diverse space blogs there were out there. I counted 30+ entries; trying to organize that huge number of blogs, whilst doing them all justice, is a hard task. This week it seems everyone has been typing hard and finding their best stories for the Anniversary Edition hosted where the Carnival was born one year ago. Week 52 has a science fiction theme, which has given me the perfect opportunity to display a picture of my favourite sci-fi program of all time: Babylon 5. Check out the Why Homeschool blog with Henry Cate for this weeks massive collection of space news from around the web.

I entered Solar Flare, CME and Tsunami Generated by a “Blank Sun” to the Carnival, documenting the recent strange goings on with our Sun…


One thought on “Carnival of Space Week 52 – The Anniversary Edition @ Why Homeschool”

  1. The developers in our far-flung network, as we often do, got off on what was admittedly perhaps an unproductive tangent, last evening, discussing the intraweb blog we share as a kind of mutual bookmark blog. I was asked which of three writers cited there was the most prolific: Yourself, Fraser, or Jeff Foust. Also, per usual, this stimulated more discussion in the next ninety minutes than in the previous four hours where the discussion had to continually be returned to space radiation mitigation.

    Having decided on our individual assignments already in that area, I gave up, also having passed along my own opinion that you were perhaps the best I had seen with a broad-based scientific perspective, and that prolific or not, Jeff was perhaps the most cited writer out there touching on the political ether. Nevertheless, I watch three partners get quite heated debating whether you or Fraser were “superior” to the other.

    It was beyond funny, though they were most unkind to my not taking their arguments very seriously. This morning, though, since things have cooled down a bit (I with they would get as heated about “absorb or refract,” since that was supposedly why we had gathered together in the first place) I am thinking about vetting the recorded thread of that conversation and posting what I can at

    Should I allow them to decide, or surprise them all and risk being socially sanctioned at the price of lost time and productivity?

    (When you think about it, its amazing humans ever survived this long, let along left our home planet. Humans regularly kill one another over the slightest personal slights but will quietly tolerate the most brutal oppressions for generations)

    An excellent blog, Amigo. I risk my own productivity on our endeavor everyday since I was assigned this review of the web experiment, reading the work by so many excellent writers. I think we all agreed at one point or another, in a failed attempt to pinch off the tangent and get back to the subject at hand, that we owed a great deal to each of the writers that do so much better a job at keeping us informed than the Old Media On Dead Trees could ever hope to do, dumbed down as it still is. No wonder their share of eyeballs is declining so steadily.

    Thanks for all you do. We all appreciate it greatly, and pass that along to Fraser, as well. Yoeman’s Work!

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