Planet X Does Not Exist

Planet X really doesn't exist...
Planet X really doesn’t exist…

(Update: “2012: No Planet X” hit the front page of this morning. It doesn’t appear to have the accelerated popularity of the first “No Doomsday in 2012”, but the response is still fantastic. Thanks to everybody for your support. Join the fun over at Digg!)

After some questions about the specific theories surrounding the end of the Earth in 2012, I decided to investigate the strange and mysterious “Planet X” (or “Nibiru”) in todays posting on the Universe Today. Primarily this was out of curiosity, after all, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of websites devoted to the coming of this massive planet in, you guessed it, 2012. What is it with this date? It seems that every doomsday theory has come together for a huge party in four years time. So, you can probably guess from my tone, I’m a little skeptical. To cut a long story short, I am sick and tired with seeing unfounded “scientific” (borderline psudoscientific) theories of a planet that doesn’t exist, purely to scare people into buying an aspiring best selling novel about “How to Survive the Planet X Flypast”. My argument differs quite a lot to the Planet X supporter’s argument; I back my points up with scientific evidence.

Check out “2012: No Planet X” over at the Universe Today and see what you think…

109 thoughts on “Planet X Does Not Exist”

  1. I remember Y2K like it was yesterday. Every computer on earth was suppose to crash. And to my disappointment nothing happened, even my 10 year old computer was still running. So doomsday my &$$! It sells books and movies thats all.William Jutrascredit auto

  2. I think it's the end of the mayan calendar that is the cause for all of the doomsayers in regards to 2012. Personally I hope they're all wrong, but as there's not much that can be done about it anyways, I say forget it and keep on living.

  3. 2012 is a buncha B.S !! Whoever says they know when the world will end they are liars! nomatter what science proves God will pick when its time. and in the bible it says that when the world ends the world will be a 1-united gov. so do you seriously think that Communist countries like Korea N stuff Will give everything up ?? I dont think that'll happen in two years. The mayan's calander ends in 2010 . who cares ? it just means we needa start over and make a calander ! its not that big-of-a Deal !! Please , people have been saying the world's gonna end since 1950 and has it ended ?? Nope. so keep hope and im only 12 and i have more since then these Ku-Ku scientists

  4. Stupid doomesday theories, theres been many other doomesday theories before and they were wrong. Y2K, Sun burning out, planet x, space expanding to much and breaking, so many theories, many proved wrong. When “doomesday” comes, it will probably be in at least a thousand years, don't worry, don't buy survival guides, dont prepare, people just scare people like this to prepare and purchase survival guides, its just another stupid theory, go on living your lives.

  5. I believe that planet X existed and that a astoride splashed into the planet creating the astoride blend. Because of that there is no life on Mars now, because when the astoride hit into the planet, the impact of it strap off the life on the surface of Mars. making no life on mars.

  6. Planet X and God have something in common, and its not their ability to destroy life on earth.. THEY DONT EXIST!

  7. Why does everyone end up talking about God. It really is starting to get to me. All religion does is make people fight about who’s rite or wrong!
    I quote from the Dalai Lama- If you have a particular faith or religion, that is good. But you can survive without it.

    Me, i feel people get to wrapped up in pleasing their god to the point of hurting real living people.

    Never believe what another tells you. Dalai Lama

    My personal message to everyone that is wrapped up in different god theories is. Be true to all, never judge, be kind, forgive, love, laugh, but most of all have fun.

    Peace & Love

  8. HHow the fuck can yu say god don’t exist…yall some dumb BITCHES there is ah god an I believe that wit ery breathe of me…yu feel played then open ya fuckin mouth…ain’t no planted x that shit is bs…the only person that can an will destroy the earth is god…some of yall got life an bullshit fucked up all that is y ya gone burn up in hell for eternity yu dumb fucks…..some off yall then piss me off live ya dam life b happie smile an stfu cause majority of yall sound like dumb ass muthcluckas…

    Na new Orleans said that

  9.  Why  have  none  of  you   thought  of  seeing  planet  earth  from  the  air form framework  of   ancient landmark Africa   cosmic  micro  wave  radiation  background  of  Atlantic  ocean current  motion that shows  the   atmospheric  beast  Alien  creature  of  ancient  of  Days?

  10. Im sure if planet X or any of the 2012 dooms day predictions were thought to be true in the slightest the governors of this world would be plotting some sort of attempt at trying to save some of the human population.

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  12. Respectfully, you are either a clown, or an idiot.  If you are a clown, then that means you are deliberately shilling for money, lying in the face of real data.  No, I’m not going to provide a list, dyodd.  On the other hand, as an idiot, you simply fall in line with the established dogma and cheer-lead.  Many contemporary science theories are accepted as fact when in truth they are just theories, and often proven wrong with certainty.  Science kool aid is spiked with wonder and farce, but the truth will scare you,,,,

  13.  how can you compare 2 things that really have nothing to do withe each other? religion has nothing to do with a giant planet hitting earth…..leave the religious bull shit out of it…..if their was a giant planet heading torts earth then it would “affect” other orbits.

    The orbit that it is in is impossible. think about it a planet that comes every 3600 years humanity would be gone.

  14. then tell me how u explain more than 40 civilizations making references to it, justo to make some cool statues and have funn with the other civilizations? or theyr study to the stars was simply a way to spend some “free time”? how many geologycal more proofs you need to believe that “something” if not a real “something” disrupts the plantes time to time? find me answers for that then smart ass. By the way, if u are a Leader, how your would plan to safe more than 7 bilions of humans from a cataclysm of this proportions? Food? water? suplyes? They run the news pal. They will only need you to know what you need to not start a war for survival… Soo smart and so ingenue… -.-

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