Planet X Does Not Exist

Planet X really doesn't exist...
Planet X really doesn’t exist…

(Update: “2012: No Planet X” hit the front page of this morning. It doesn’t appear to have the accelerated popularity of the first “No Doomsday in 2012”, but the response is still fantastic. Thanks to everybody for your support. Join the fun over at Digg!)

After some questions about the specific theories surrounding the end of the Earth in 2012, I decided to investigate the strange and mysterious “Planet X” (or “Nibiru”) in todays posting on the Universe Today. Primarily this was out of curiosity, after all, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of websites devoted to the coming of this massive planet in, you guessed it, 2012. What is it with this date? It seems that every doomsday theory has come together for a huge party in four years time. So, you can probably guess from my tone, I’m a little skeptical. To cut a long story short, I am sick and tired with seeing unfounded “scientific” (borderline psudoscientific) theories of a planet that doesn’t exist, purely to scare people into buying an aspiring best selling novel about “How to Survive the Planet X Flypast”. My argument differs quite a lot to the Planet X supporter’s argument; I back my points up with scientific evidence.

Check out “2012: No Planet X” over at the Universe Today and see what you think…

109 thoughts on “Planet X Does Not Exist”

  1. It is because the Mayan calender and the many Merlins(wild swamp dwelling Pagan seers) stop their prophesies in 2012. That is the only reason that people think that the world will end in 2012. However the most well known seer, Nostradamus, has predictions into 3750.

  2. I think the 2012 Theory is a load of bull,, they can not prove it will happen,, When i saw it i felt depressed.. But now i know it might be jusy a hoxe.. only SATAN knows him self if its going 2 happen,,, So peoople live ur life

      1. whos allaha and when your born how do you know bout someone or something called allaha only because someone tells you what if you dont meet a human being when born how would you know allaha exists

    1. Your an idiot, Satan doesnt know a thing about the end of the world, only God and i mean ONLY God knows when the end of the world is, “Satan” has nothing to do with this, get your facts straight and read the bible because you have no idea what your saying…

    2. I believe you mean God… Satan doesn’t know when the end of the world is going to happen… No man, not even Jesus knows the time and hour.

  3. Common sense is needed. If Planet X does come to fruition there is not much anyone can do about it. What it will prove, is that the goverments of the world have an Integrity and Ethical problem.

  4. As I said to the atheist “whether you believe in God or not doesn’t matter to God. If God ceases to believe in cease to exist”. So what’s wrong with a little insurance policy. Is any company offering cosmic/planetary havoc insurance? May be worth considering for about 4 years.

  5. i have been really scared about planet x but i want to beleive there is no such thing i pra there isnt i do not think god will punish just 3/4 of the world the bible says every body as mankind will be no more

  6. I dont understand why people are so scared about so called “Planet X”. If it realy does exists there will be nothing we can do to stop the ending of the Earth. Do people think there will be some misson from Nasa, Like some sort of film?. Come on people get a grip.

  7. my science teacher sed dat it is real kida. well i dnt rele kno.. but still planet x cud be a source dat saves us from global warming. (i aint a spaz) anything cud happen.. it cud be like a super-huge freezer( dats a simile)

  8. The fact that 2012 is a knot for all the loose ropes of doomsday predictions to center around is not strange but rather it provides credibility to wild fanciful stories that each author is trying to “prove”. Look at 2000 C.E – The Millennium Bug, wide scale destruction caused by computer malfunctions which would wipe us out by our reliance on technology. Well I’m still typing this in 2008.
    Then there’s 2003 – Planet X Theory. Not as well known to the general public, and quite new to me. I like how some of the websites that advocated this have now ceased to post more information.
    Then there’s the 2012 prediction of doomsday linked to the Mayan Calendar. I suppose in 2013 the believers will cease to post more items and all those who published books as truth of the impending doomsday will be sued for libel/defamation! I will be one on the solicitors desk at 9 a.m 22nd of December 2012.
    (This is Opinion and should not be referenced as fact. Any one who has a problem and wants to disagree, I don’t know you and I don’t care so please get over yourself, just seek solace that I will be one of the dead ones in 2012!)

  9. Planet X does exist will it wipe out 90% of the earth population who knows. just make sure your ready and know the signs. You the people will be the last to know and the Goverments will never tell you truth.

    You first need to understand why you have been lied to about other exterrestrial life. And why The people who run the world do not want you to know. I am not bothered one bit about another species but i am very bothered that they are keeping one of the biggest secrets ever, which will change the world. In the end Religion will be irrelevant. Do your own research there are enough credible people, keep an open mind.

    see talks by Phil schneider…

  10. If planet x is due to pass us in 2012 and cause widespread devastation across the planet, and it does this every 3600 years, then wouldnt it make sense that we’d have some accounts of the last time it happened. I’m fairly confident that there is historical information pre-dating 3600 years ago, and absolutely certain that modern archaeological techniques would have dug up (no pun intended) some evidence of this past occurence.

    Maybe all these stories have been devised by the makers of kendal mint cake, and bottled water just to get sales up during the government fabricated recession ?????

  11. i really think that maby 2012 represents the turning point for humanity. maby this alignment has an effect on the body more than the earth. maby its a new point of evolution that some historion has a refrence point for threr loggs. we dont know the only thing we can do is come together as a species not a race and work together to fix the problems that effect us on a daily basis. remember there still is no cure for the common cold. just think there are tohusands of starving kids in affrica, wouldn’t it make you feel better knowing all those people are clothed fed and sheltered, that they can live just as good as you do or even better. just ask youreselves what you really want to do. what are your passons.

  12. So if human society is coming to a end on 21/12/2012 this is fantastic news for me.I wont have to spend christmas day with my moaning mother in law again,and i will save some money because i wont buy any christmas goods that year. Hope i still get a tv reception and my satnav.

  13. In the last few days i have done a fair amount of research on this 2012 thing and the only scientific evidince i could find was that this will be the date that earth passes through the galactic plane and will be in line with our galacy’s black hole. there is only theories to predict what will happen however the Mayan callender has predicted this date spot on. it coinsides with astrological calculations. what will happen once we hit this gallactic plane is yet unknown, it could be a normal day like any other, the earths mantel could shift relocating our poles, the intense gravity could pull debris from space in our orbit… there is still no rock solid evidince of anything as yet, only conspiracy theories

  14. may be this wrong. i am 95 percent sure it wont happen because last time scientist wanted to prove that they can move the earth away from the sun but they didnt so there you go the scientist are WRONG!!!!


    WHO’S WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!



  15. i’ve read some of these comments and it sounds like allot of you have a faith. ‘beherenow4sure’ and ‘a muslim’

    allah doesn’t exist, nor does your god, beherenow4sure.

    read your books of faith. live by them to be a better person and co-exist with your fellow man…thats what the books are for. but to believe in their stories is quite simply retarded.

    i hate seeing people like beherenow4sure on their high horse telling ‘athiests’ that if they dont love god, then god doesnt love them…therefore they don’t exist. get over yourself, jackass.

    religious people like yourself have absolutely no idea as to what they believe in because they don’t actually knw what it is they are believing in as it’sa made up thing by humas a very long time ago for various reasons. the faster people like yourself realise this, get over it the sooner te world can get on wit evolvig at a faster rate.

    religion is te bane of humanity in many ways, the fact humans still believe in nonesense like this saddens me greatly

  16. Sorry ‘A Christian’ but your ‘God’ does not exist either and is probably less likely to exist than ‘Planet X’ seeing as there is not really one shred of proper evidence to suggest so.
    But you go ahead and follow your little book of morals. Its hole purpose was to keep idiots like you in line anyway and it does it oh so well with a lot you, so I’m not really bothered about it. Apart from the wars it creates, the money it takes(tax free)etc obviously.

  17. Allah Smallah, those stories are amazing you have 2 admit religion is something else! How can stories have such an inpact on peoples lives. Imagin if the matrix had been published 2000 yrs ago imagin what kind of world it would be now madness!
    Religion is old school anyone with half a brain can see that its all rubbish!!

  18. oh jst shut up by sayin god doznt exist!!!!! if u dnt beliv doeznt mean zat ozers should not!i can say zat the end of world will HAPPEN.. INSTEAD OF DOIN GOOD ACTIONS,,U KEEP ON DESTROYIN IT?? MADNESS!!! SAVE URSELF FROM GOD!! FEAR HIM.. U’L HAVE 2 GO 2 HIM 1 DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Its a load a bull, they also said the world would come to an end when 2000 hit…9 years on…i think we are in the clear!

  20. Nibiru / Planet X was a big thing a few years ago when there was much publicity on the internet about how to build shelters and survive when Earth was hit. This never happened and now certain individuals are making money out of the date 2012.

  21. god is just a figament of the imagination invented by people who need validity . . .need to believe they have sumik to look forward to after death to stop them from crying and pissin the bed every night!!the fact is u live, u die game ova get ova it

  22. Hello all this planet x is alot of crap. Its to make money for books and crap a big cone. The planet been here for years and years. We have had a asteroid hit us when the dinosors were about.

    Then ever since people have made storys up the world coming to an end in 2000 or when eva. Its been going on donkeys and everytime its been crap nothing but crap.

    Not one person been right about the end of the world they all talk crap. Everybody been wrong and there going to be wrong in 2012 again basicly full of bull crap again.

    Were more likley to get hit by a asteroid or the sun exploading then this planet x crap.

    The planet has changed over the years we had ice age, water age, bronze age, cave man age it goes on and on. At the moment were going through anther change weather changing its part of anther change in age it happens every so many years. Were heading in to something were not sure why cause we cant predict everything just somethings we see changing.

    But we speed it up if we mess the planet up but even if we look after it the changes will still happen its a new age happening like we have seen before.

    Basicly planet x 2012 is crap all about making money and all lies. Also scarying people its all wrong and very very sad.

  23. Planet X is Ballock as it doesnt come out of Nowhere as I agree with Welshy pete above as someone who con all people saying going be End of the world when isnt it….I believe in fate and if the world is end tomorrow then so be it!

  24. I agree fully with Welshy_Pete everything he says is true and correct. It all makes sense also shows wat has happend in the past events. Planet x 2012 is all lies and ant true like all the other storys about the world ending none of them have ever been right once. Basicly showing planet x 2012 is anther big rubbish story once again.

    Its all rubbish nothing but rubbish planet x 2012 to make money and scare people. There are some very sad people out there who make these storys up. Then people think its going to happen just look at the past its never happend ever the end of the world its allways been lies and never happend.

    Work that out its simple its lies planet x 2012 nothing but rubbish.

  25. My god planet x 2012 is so perfetic or wat. Anther big story full of sh*t. Welshy_Pete you got it right there fella you put these idouts to shame. Its never happend in the past all those times people have said this and that. Like it wont happen in 2012 planet x is bull sh*t.

  26. Hello I have heard loads about planet x 2012 and even Sir Patrick moore knows it ant going to happen in 2012 end of the world. Welshy_Pete I agree 100% with wat your saying and Sir Patrick moore knows it ant true as well the end of the world 2012.

    Sir Patrick Moore been around years and he tells people the truth out there. He dont make storys up. Hes there for the people to learn stuff and wats real and going to happen.

    Planet x 2012 is complete crap and all money making scaring people.

  27. Hiya all these underground bunkers are for incase there is a war or something. Because Iran and Korea are messing with nuclear bombs. So alot of places are making bunkers for future wars also other problems that may happen in the future with the planet.

    But there is no planet x 2012 its all bollocks sh*t. Also welshy_pete right in wat hes said. Also Sir Patrick Moore knows the world ant going to end in 2012. He has been around years and tell people wat the truth is out there.

    All this planet x 2012 all about making money with books nothing but a big load of crap.

  28. The Lord God exists and I promise He will prove it to you.

    Concerning Planet X…read REVELATIONS 8 (The Trumpets) in The Bible.

    Accept and confess Jesus Christ as your Savior NOW. He was THE perfect sacrifice for your sins (because we all need one), and it was out of love that He did it for you.

    1. eww!!!!! in fact DOUBLE EWWWWW!!!!! If you were born 400 years ago – you would be the person burning witches and so called heretics. There are many other books then the bible – fables for the feeble minded.

  29. Well from what most people have said about Planet X, 2012, Nibiuru etc. Its obviouse that you have not read up on the subject. So I sugest you all go and have a read. Start with the 1983 IRIS image. or read about the ancient Summarian civilization. It will help explaine about the Bible/religion etc.
    You will soon realise that even if it all turns out to be a hoax. The information, studies etc that have gone into predicting/warning us about the comming problem make for some deep thinking. Also why have all the top 3 sky viewer apps ‘Google Sky’ etc covered or errased the location of “planet X” on thier maps ?
    I am concerned that it appears possible the world will change/end in my life time. And also pleased that our buitiful planet will hopefully get cured of its human plague thats killing it anyway.
    And NO I do not believe there’s a GOD, although I am open to there being a more advanced race some where in the univers.

  30. I’m reading all of these posts laughing my ass off. For one, the Vocabulary is a shame in most of these posts, it’s not whats being talked about but one can see the frustration in ones post for lack of better words to place down in lack of not knowing or lack of education.
    Then there is the argument of who is right to say Allah verses God,you guy’s crack me up. Now with the disscusion about Planet X “LOL” this is a real eye catcher, I read all the posts and find it rather amuzing that if a person posts here, “you my friend are scared to the point of breaking? LOL.
    One thing for sure, Allah lived to lie 600 years ago, jesus lived to tell his story 2000 years ago. did they both wipe their ass’s with the left hand of right hand? Do you think they used toilet paper?LOL or?
    Allah did exsist thats a known fact, so did Jesus for that matter..Now to believe or not to believe is the question, who cares? one shouldn’t be afraid to believe in anything whether it is true or not makes no difference, above all, don’t make an ass out of your self telling other people what they should beieve in, for you it’s ok not for others. Planet X, well? let it come,why be afraid.

  31. What’s wrong with you people!!?? Planet X is totally real! All the evidence is there!!!

    LOL. After being scared once for the 2000 doomsday thing (I was in middle school… so give me a little credit for being gullible), I decided any other “doomsday theory” just isn’t reliable.

    I somehow came across Nibiru/Planet X theory on Youtube while surfing on it, and the first couple of parts by Masters got me a bit freaked out (although I did wonder how a planet travelled that fast between 1984 and 1992(?) but still wasn’t here yet), but after reading your blog entry, I realized I almost fell into another hoax (it’s not like I’d do anything even if I believed in it anyways).

    I think people want to believe in the conspiracy theory because end of the world = no more debt they’d have to pay on their credit cards, mortgages, etc., and the idea of a “fresh start” is always appealing, don’t you think? that’s probably one of the reasons why they believe in these kinds of things. For one thing, if the world ended in 2012, all my school loans would probably be gone~! LOL.

  32. people plz stop talking shit and just pray and who doesnt belive planet x exisist wait and u´ll see ….

  33. There are no such thing as The End Of The World, well maybe some meteoroids will hits the earth at some point but the propabilities will be extreme SMALL, for now, the only proff of the end of the world is 5.5 billions years FROM NOW, so just live your happy life and don't worry about these stuffs

  34. i think that scientist are over paid people who come up with the mosty stupid things just to get people scared kiss my ass science i believe in only one thing the bible other wise they and all you who think it will happen can kiss my white ass until next time all you believers keep believing and all you scientist stfu you stupid dumb ass over paid wimps

  35. this is bullshit i dont belive in this load of shit it's not true this so called “planet” is a mere myth the goverment has this bull locked in everybodies head making 98% of the world scared to death that their all going to die and we have no way to stop people belive in this stuff so much they make a fucking movie about this is patheic wasn't the same thing suppose to happen every year for the past ten years i mean really this is pathetic!!

  36. Umm. Did this guy honestly criticize people for using 2012 to sell novels, and then try to sell a work of his own using the exact same topic with an opposing view?Yup. He did.

    1. Nope. He didn't.Do you honestly think the ads you see on this page churn any kind of profit? I'm not exactly sipping Mai Tai's outside my multi-million dollar Malibu beach house (in case you were wondering). They don't even cover my hosting costs for the year. Plus, 2012 consists of a very small portion of my writing.I think you kinda miss the point about what I am writing about here: people are selling their doomsday books, filled with pseudo-scientific nonsense, and profiting from scaring the shit out of people. Often they butcher real science to make it seem their “research” is credible. Don't you think that selling a book that misleads the reader into thinking they only have 3 years left to live is a little… um… harmful?Now, say if I had the time to write a book countering all the 2012 doomsday claims. If my science is accurate and my research is sound, and I reach the conclusion that the doomsayers really ARE full of shit (and the world isn't going to end in 2012), don't you think my book would be a more responsible publication?Hell, I might make some money out of said book. Why not? There's hundreds of books foretelling doom and only a small handful bringing attention to this nonsense.So, what will it be? Would you like a book filled with science and reason? Or a book filled with conspiracy, disinformation and fear?

      1. Tough question. I can tell you I sure as hell would not like any book written by you, though. And there is scientific evidence to suggest that a cataclysmic event could occur in 2012.  i don't give two shits whether or not it does, to be quite frank, but you're no better than the next guy who writes a book about their thoughts on the subject. NASA discovers a huge mass at the edge of our solar system, which would quite possibly be headed this way, and you (a nobody; obviously an unsuccessful “author”) say it's all wrong. Try writing childrens' books.

      2. Look. All bullshit aside, if you can honestly prove to me somehow that this planet doesn't exist, then please do so.  I sure as hell hope you're right, because if it does exist, it proposes a whole lot of possible issues should it cross into our planetary orbit. As of right now, what I'm told to believe (by both individuals who study the subject, and teachers who have earned degrees in astronomy and astrophysics) is that if this planet DOES exist, and IS in fact on its way towards our solar system, regardless of whether or not a collision takes place, the gravitational pull of the planet alone will have a devastating effect on Earth.  Though many theories exist, the most popular I've been expose to is the theory that the force of gravity from Planet X will cause Mega Tsunamis several kilometers high.  Not only is this possible through laws of physics, it would also explain such Biblical events as “The Great Flood.”   It's said that this planet has crossed into our solar system before and caused great flooding, possibly being responsible for the destruction of ancient civilizations. The location of planet x is said to be in the region of Scorpius.   Now, please, let's have a discussion.  Prove this wrong.  I'm honestly rooting for you.  I'm a high school senior who has a colossal interest in possibly earning a degree in Astrophysics.  I suppose that when I came across your page last night I misinterpreted your intentions and found them to be a bit hypocritical.   Mike

      3. The key thing you have to remember is that it is up to these doomsday theorists to provide scientific evidence for the existence of Planet X. It's not my job to prove that Planet X doesn't exist, it's to study whether the doomsayers are actually talking any sense. Most of the time they are totally wrong, or they bend the science to suit their needs, or they depend on ancient prophesy. If all else fails, they claim that it's a government cover-up.Have a read of my series of Universe Today articles I wrote in 2008: Actually, as for proving that any large planetary body doesn't exist outside the orbit of Pluto, you might find this article of interest: — there's been numerous astronomical surveys and simulations to search for Planet X, but for reasons given in that article, there is nothing of significant (Earth-killing) mass out there.I am a trained scientist, so it's my job to study the facts behind the dogma, and so far there is zero evidence for a Planet X. I don't think this can be confused with me being hypocritical, I'm just looking at each theory skeptically, deciding if any have merit. Alas, none do. Believe me, if I stumbled across anything that suggested some big planetary event in 2012, I'd be shouting it from the rooftops. But fortunately, it's all just hype. I hope that helps.

      4. “if you can honestly prove to me somehow that this planet doesn't exist, then please do so.”Let's start with the important question. What proof do you have that it does exist? You're the one bringing the claim forward so it's your job to provide the evidence.People can't devote all the time and effort to disproving every ridiculous think you being forward and expect others to fact check. Whatever happened to using your own critical thinking and trying to figure things out for yourself? Has the internet replaced that?

  37. Stop saying something doesnt exist that going to cause change in the Earth. You can bet the Mayans were on to something bigger than what can be proven by science. By the end of 2012 we will witness this change, more will be uncovered and known in the passing years. The Earth has repeating Cycles, and poles will change. There will be alinement of planets by 2012. Niburu could be a cover up as of now. Google had images cut from google sky. Indeed there is something out there to be known over the short coming years. 2012 is not the end of the World. But it is a warning sign for areas across the world. People like Nostradamus, Silivia Browne, Edar Casey… All had visions of this change. Maps of the new world. We could always build a Mega Ark, or just go to safe zones…. Whatever works to save lives when it comes to that point… It's always good to think ahead. WHAT IF?

  38. Nibiru – an planet in ancient Sumerian legend has nothing to do with 2012. This date stems from the Mayan calendar that ends a cycle of a few thousand years and begins a new one. It also follows the cycle of Sun's activity. It also deals with astral alignments in and around this date that will astrologically usher in the cycle of Aquarius while the cycle of Pisces comes to an end. In summation – Nibiru or planet X, has nothing to do with the date 2012. Nibiru is, about the Sumerian story that speaks of where humans beings came from. There are ancient Sumerian discs that have diagrams of all the planets in our solar system – with the Sun in the middle – the correct amount of planets in our system – except for the extra planet that apparently has an extreme elliptical orbit that it only swings around our neighbourhood every few thousand years. Science has discovered a planet with this kind of elliptical orbit but that's all we know because science only states facts and does not go on to feed conspiracy theory's. You seem like an intelligent person – but you really must read and research much broader knowledge in order to know why people come to crazy conclusions. I am glad to know that you are at least a skeptic – this will allow you to ask more questions – therefore learn more.

  39. Okay – I wrote my comment first – then read some of the other comments…. I cannot believe how misinformed and down right silly (didn't want to say Stupid) the general population is. It's this easy – if you want to know about the so called “planet X”, then read Sumerian history and their story of creation. It is just a freakin story – like the bible – only small amounts of truth. Also brush up on the latest news in astronomy. It's really fun actually. Did you know that a giant piece of debris floating in space is pure compressed carbon? Do you what that means? It means that there is a piece of diamond in space that is the size of a large asteroid. Secondly: IF you want to know about 2012, then do your research on the Mayans and their calendar. NOW JUST TO FUEL THE IMAGINATIONS OF ALL THOSE CONSPIRACY THEORY LOVING, TRIPPED OUT HIPPY TYPES – WELL HERE GOES HAHAHA!How is that 4 000 thousand years ago did the Sumerians know all the planets in our solar system and knew that the Sun was at the center? This was 3 000 years before the Catholic church excommunicated Galileo for stating this very fact and that the earth was not at the center of the solar system – let alone the universe. Also, how is that the Mayans has such knowledge of the skies that they created such perfect calendar that it has never had to be adjusted (including leap years) and still predicted solar and lunar eclipses well into the 20th century down to almost minutes in Mexico city? Actually I can answer this one – one needs only also to be good at math heheh. LEARN YOUR STUFF PEOPLES! And stop spreading around bullshit! In France in the year 1000 ad – the were so many distraught people – entire townships where people thought that the year 1000 ad meant the second coming of Christ – and the end of the world heheh. People huddled in Cathedrals, waiting for the end and there are even accounts of people going mad with hysteria where they licked the boils off of lepers because the end was coming anyways. Well it's over a thousand years since. I wonder how silly all those people felt when nothing happened and all you got out of it was leprosy. HAHAHAH!!!!Stay sane – stay informed!

  40. Many of our Free Bible Story Crafts For Kids encourage cooperation or sharing, but the Noah's Ark mural requires real teamwork. One of our favorites, the mural illustrates the Ark and features the animals God sent to Noah to protect. A rainbow over Noah's Ark and all the colorful animals reminds children of God's promise.

  41. Many of our Free Bible Story Crafts For Kids encourage cooperation or sharing, but the Noah's Ark mural requires real teamwork. One of our favorites, the mural illustrates the Ark and features the animals God sent to Noah to protect. A rainbow over Noah's Ark and all the colorful animals reminds children of God's promise.

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