NASA and Disney-Pixar Promote Space Exploration with WALL-E

WALL-E - the very cute face of NASA public outreach (© Disney-Pixar)
As a science public outreach advocate, I am totally behind a new deal between NASA and animation experts Disney-Pixar. Using the new movie WALL-E, a story about the last robot-rover on Earth exploring space (with all the fuzzy, heart-warming Disney stuff in between), NASA has signed a deal with the film making heavyweight to promote NASA’s science and technology to school children. Too many times have I seen kids cartoons characters used to sell junk food, this move is very refreshing. Promoting science education though a cute robot is great in my books and may dispel any doubts in the younger generation that space exploration is dull.

Great move NASA, looks like a superb film Pixar! WALL-E will be released in the US on June 27th and in the UK on July 18th…

Read the full article over at the Universe Today »

6 thoughts on “NASA and Disney-Pixar Promote Space Exploration with WALL-E”

  1. Wall-e will be very interesting for students. Promoting science education through a cute robot will make it more exciting and fun for students to learn. In this way, it'll will to translate the message from science to student's learning.-Contributor: Pregnancy Miracle Thoughts

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