No Doomsday in 2012: The Reason Why Science Will Not Win

Why Planet X is not Nibiru...
Why Planet X is not Nibiru…

I’ve been busy compiling two new articles about the 2012 doomsday scenario. This time I’ve investigated why Planet X is not the same thing as the Sumerian planet “Nibiru”, and why a “killer solar flare” will not be possible in the year 2012. This brings the 2012 series up to its fourth edition, and the feedback has been very interesting. Probably the most important thing I want to emphasise about this whole 2012 prophecy stuff is that I am not trying to stamp on anyone’s beliefs. There are many reasons why 2012 may hold significant spiritual or religious meaning, and I am not disputing this in any way. I want to present the science facts, not the science “facts” that seem to overwhelm many of the end of the world scenarios. Alas, I suspect that I’m fighting a losing battle. I got it wrong, debunking the doomsayers who are doing this for financial gain are not concerned whether their evidence adds up, they are using one tool that I cannot influence. Fear.

Sometimes I feel as if I’m beating a dead horse. When planning the next 2012 article, I think “aren’t people getting a little tired of this?“, but then I scan the web to find another 2012 doomsday video on YouTube, another blog talking about the end of the world in four years time. Each one draws on the hysteria behind the possibility of mass death and destruction.

So I feel motivated again, I suddenly want to counter-argue these outrageous claims. This is why I posted two articles in quick succession in the last few days, one about Planet X (again) and another about a flare the Sun could never generate.

At the end of most doomsday trails there’s usually book for sale. In principal I have no problem with a publication based on factual claims (they don’t even need to be scientific), but when science is being moulded to fit in with doomsayers beliefs, that is when I feel anger. Fair enough, tell us why the Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world, tell us why the ancient Chinese foretold our fate, even pull out the Bible and tell us why the book of Revelation is “right on” (after all, the Bible talks about the “Great Flood”, why not predict the “Great Fire”?). All this I have no problem with, as long as it is based on facts.

Personally, I don’t believe it, and I don’t believe in prophecies predicting the future with any accuracy (prophets, after all, kept their predictions general, leaving us to fill in the details after the event). But these are my beliefs and opinion, I’m not going to go out of my way to prove, with science, that the Bible is wrong, that the Mayans didn’t have a clue, this would be me stamping on ground that shouldn’t be touched unless I were some expert in archaeology or mythology (all very fine and very interesting fields I might add).

So, when the likes of Marshall Masters compiles the complete works of the 2012 Planet X scenario in a series of videos and a book entitled “Surviving 2012 and Planet X,” is it little wonder people might be a little uptight. After all, this guy is a former CNN science feature producer; surely he checks the facts behind his publications? Unfortunately, all his years immersed in science didn’t teach him to verify the facts he claims to have such authority over. For more information on this, see “2012: No Planet X” and make a note on why the 1983 and 1992 “discoveries” cannot be the same thing (and this is just using the evidence Masters provides in his articulate rendition of the Planet X conspiracy!).

In response to this example (and others), I try to pull up the scientific reasoning behind all this hype. “Reasoning” is the operative word. It’s usually a case of grabbing at any science study that might fit and cannibalizing it to re-enforce a very bizarre theory.

So why do these Doomsday theories have such stamina? Surely people can see through the hype by now? Actually, this can be hard. On watching a History Channel documentary about the 2012 prophecies, I could see why people might be worried. Being from the UK, I haven’t experienced US docs quite like this. Between the powerful (and a little frightening) theme tunes, bright imagery and atmospheric cross fades of actors dressed as Nostradamus and ancient Chinese philosophers, this documentary felt more like a blockbuster movie than anything factual. I found myself thinking, “hold on, they might have something here, perhaps the world is going to end! What a fool I’ve been!”, but I quickly recovered and realised that is the power of these prophecies: Fear.

No amount of science articles or reasoning or logic can fight off the air of fear that surrounds the question “What if?” Doomsayers will continue to use this powerful ally to argue 2012 is the end, they will also use it to argue that 2013, 2020, 2030, and the year 3000 will be the end of life as we know it. And the worst thing is, the guys at the end of the doomsday trail will still be making money from book sales and there won’t be a thing science can do about it…

269 thoughts on “No Doomsday in 2012: The Reason Why Science Will Not Win”

  1. No one should be worried about anything… people said the world would end in 2000 but I have a daughter born 5 days after! You shouldn’t be scared about when the world would end and predicting doomsday. Only GOD knows when doomsday is, it could even be when you are reading this. Maybe 5 seconds from now, 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 days, 5 months, 5 years! But, we should be most concerned about the children, they just started their life! And even if they said they aren’t scared they are! They are afraid of death, and the world ending. Please, please do not tell your children about 2012 it will terrify them.

  2. Hmmm, loads of comments but no one has mentioned that the Egyptians believed we were the masturbation then ejaculation of a god (hence why there is matter in this world according to them) so if this is a fundamental part of Egyptian life that we have not been taught in schools across the land, how can you honestly say 2012 is bullshit when several races of peoples from across the globe all point to the same date. The wool has been pulled over our eyes about the Egyptians! I remember when Nasa announced another planet and then quickly denounced it. If a 4.5 thousand year old stone tablet that shows ALL of our planets REVOLVING around our sun (supposedly unknown until modern times) who knows what is being covered up. Do some damn research before you open your typing fingers.

  3. Right so they are saying that the world will end on 21st december 2012 (which wont happen !!!!) and just think about it every day a child is born and before thay are born they get a due date but almost all the time they are early or late so its just like that with the world they have said for hundreds of years about that day so u never know it could be LATER or EARLIER than expected !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THINK ABOUT THAT

  4. dude do they have a pic or where its gonna land ^_^ its not real at all at long u have a good life and be smart,help fu;,brave,and funny lol my dad sed its not real but last week he sed evry thing must die well not erath! I mean why does u of alll guys beleave this i dont my H0LE famliy dont the only thing u have to do is be a good man/women HEY im not the smart guy but im trying to tell you its not real just forget about it if its real im gonna lay on the ground lol but thats not the truth one time the world was gonna end at 2011 may 34 now its not ^_^ its just a earthquake not a  meter……Now if you beleave dont……

  5. Once they said 1998,2000 the world would but did it NO!!!!!!
    so people always make mistakes even predictors so calm down and relax because 2012 IS FAKE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. if the world is going to end,then what can the money they are trying to make do for them. they wont be able to spend it. lol, why are these people trying to scare others? isnt there enough BS happening all around us, who in there right mind would want to buy a book about us dying. it doesent make since to me. i hope that these people come to their right mind and try and be productive in life and move on. i hope that one day soon that everyone could see just what is happening and then life can get better and we all can be productive. open eyes close mouth….

  7. To be honest the chances of the world ending in 2012 isn’t any lower or higher then the world ending any time else,i mean an astroid could hit us or something else. And fyi a solar flare will hit the planet in 2012 that is a fact,our sun has been building up energy for..well i don’t remember how long they said it was something like 1500 hundred years or something like that and it will hit us,now they didn’t say it would destroy us or the planet but it will cause alot of problems seeing as we’re so reliate on electrictity and it would knock out all power for months maybe years[years being worst case]now sooner or later we will be wiped out or something will threaten our lifes and everything else on the planet,seeing as the universe is filled with shit that could end us so easily that we can’t change and those who say otherwise do not know what their talking about/and those who say we wont ever be wiped out also most be full of themselves and not know what their talking about[cocky much?] so saying we wont all be killed in 2012 is stupid but the odds of it are probably not very high,still with all the things the could end us[including ourselves,WW3] not to mention a very long list of other things,it’s not a very smart thing to assume nothing will happen in 2012,let’s just say that it may or may not happen and just live life to the fullest and not worry about it because all this worrying about what will and will not happen is just useless because in the end we’re all going to die so just deal with it and move on.

    1. You sound dumb NASA said that there isnt going to be any more or less of a solar flare then there is every year

  8. I wouldn’t mind it happening. We all have a locked away sense that nature could easily have had us at points in our life. Forget the Maya or any religion, as I am very atheist. Whether you like it or not Death has called on many people due to the forces of Nature this year, once again whether that is Maya crap or not. Nature is intensifying and picking up momentum. All you can do is sit it out, enjoy you’re life (don’t give up, move to america to spy on the government etc etc). If it really is to be our awakeneing, Think of the Billions of people in the world. Now think of roughly how many of them people irritate you.. look down on you… you get my drift. All these stuck up people just caring about money, self progression(in a world we can’t even maintain) will be gone, or just general internet noobs like most of us. I see it as a chance for those who haven’t been given one. We would understand the true meaning of life. And it probably won’t be as heavenly as you think. THATS COMING FROM AN OPEN MINDED GUY. WHAT HAPPENS HAPPENS.

  9. TO be honest if anything happens let it happen, how ever…no planet will hit us, why because our climate everything would be messed up so yea. Guarantee its something but no planet hitting us cause that is BULLSHIT! 

  10. The whole 2012 end of the world thing started with the mayan calander and if u knew n e thing about it u would know that the world is going to end by earthquake so where is all this fake planet x coming from? O wait and the solar flares, o wait! And the magnetic pull….hmm I think I wana add something post it on the web nd c how gullable people r. The world is eventually guna end our lifetime or another so rather worry about accept it and enjoy your life…if not go dig a whole nd tha ground stay in there the rest of ur life and hope that something happens so it was worth it. Come on people…….

  11. I never bought into 2012. The true threat is between 2015 and 2016. This disaster is our own makeing and preventable if politicians would tell the truth and lead with integrity.

  12. Nostrudamis or what ever actually did not say the world was gonna end the last symbol is a sign that is a restart almost it means 5000 more years and like this artical states all rthese people righting about it are just trying to make money and scare people

    1. You are dumb. Learn how to spell, start with the basics and the fear of propaganda beyond your understanding vanishes

  13. Load o’ bull. 2012? I ain’t buying that. I’m sure Illuminati had their hands on this propaganda.

    Fear. They wanna create mass panic. I think at that date(the so-called end of the world) there will be something happening…but not this bullshit.

  14. I’m making a prediction right now.. You know it’s Doomsday when=> All man is exterminated from this world.. 🙂 I’m definately right..!!
    If you meet someone from the 17th Century, and he says to you, the world is flat.. you believe him??? Why do people want to believe in ancient books written by ancient people who haven’t a clue to the real world and facts as we can see it now. I hate to be explicit, but, a fool is one who has the truth in front of him, yet choose to believe in lies. The ancients were not fools, they did not have technology to help them see the world revealed, if they had, they will be laughing their head off at these Doomsday fools. 
    It’s a route of discovery ahead of us in our future and path, it’s a new beginning when we make it so. We control our own destiny, not some bullshit ancient writing and money making scam. 

  15. I too researched as much as possible, years ago, and found it all to be fluff. Keep spreading the word because now they are turning it into a spiritual awakening and starting a whole new theory lol. Scary world with the internet, who needs facts?!

  16. I found myself wondering why people fear things that cannot be prevented
    anyway reguarless of fact or fiction.
    I guess if you are a christian if you even beleave in jesus he has told us in the bible that those alive will be raptured and not face the dooms of the future if still alive in that generation.
    let peace be in your heart love is the main reason we are alive in this world
    love is what keeps as humans from not thinking about the dark side of life
    peace be upon you you all my friends

  17. hey if there was a doomsday wouldint we see planet X in the sky write now and wouldint we be looking at the hole galxy at day
    wouldint swrvs we find in north ple be in our sky write noww!!!!
    go look outside and you will see none of that bullshit and iv looked in to my telerscope 1 of the best and saw no signs of the bullshit ok im out

  18. Excellent point here O’Neill

    Personally I can’t decide if I want to cry or laugh on all that nonsense of 2012.
    Even today in this modern world of technology and science, most of the people refuse to evolve above these (no offense to believers) superstitious middle-ages forms of manipulation and entertainment.

    Yes, I look at them as that, because religion uses these things to bend the will of masses in fear, and on the other side, people like Nostradamus maybe just used it as some old entertainment, just as we use so many media today.

    It’s in peoples nature to see and interpret things to corresponding images and events.
    It’s just to bad that society is to naive to really understand this on it’s own.

    My biggest question for years is as follows:
    “Which stupid date will they take as a next possible apocalypse after 2012 passes us by as any other year before”

    Not to say all joke about and mock every single person with made some stupid doomsday 2012 video on youtube, and I’ll enjoy it 😛

  19. the bible didn’t say anything about the mayans prediction , God said that NOBODY would know , not even the mayans . I did some research to & its supposedly a new era . I really don’t know what’s going to happen , but either way , you should be scared if you know you did good in this world & believed in god . like I said nobody will know & the 1st person or places that will know are the 7 churches, not NASA or the goverment or whoever . they just want money . either way no amount of technology would actually keep you alive, eventually the world is going to end but its not now , so don’t worry .

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