No Doomsday in 2012: The Reason Why Science Will Not Win

Why Planet X is not Nibiru...
Why Planet X is not Nibiru…

I’ve been busy compiling two new articles about the 2012 doomsday scenario. This time I’ve investigated why Planet X is not the same thing as the Sumerian planet “Nibiru”, and why a “killer solar flare” will not be possible in the year 2012. This brings the 2012 series up to its fourth edition, and the feedback has been very interesting. Probably the most important thing I want to emphasise about this whole 2012 prophecy stuff is that I am not trying to stamp on anyone’s beliefs. There are many reasons why 2012 may hold significant spiritual or religious meaning, and I am not disputing this in any way. I want to present the science facts, not the science “facts” that seem to overwhelm many of the end of the world scenarios. Alas, I suspect that I’m fighting a losing battle. I got it wrong, debunking the doomsayers who are doing this for financial gain are not concerned whether their evidence adds up, they are using one tool that I cannot influence. Fear.

Sometimes I feel as if I’m beating a dead horse. When planning the next 2012 article, I think “aren’t people getting a little tired of this?“, but then I scan the web to find another 2012 doomsday video on YouTube, another blog talking about the end of the world in four years time. Each one draws on the hysteria behind the possibility of mass death and destruction.

So I feel motivated again, I suddenly want to counter-argue these outrageous claims. This is why I posted two articles in quick succession in the last few days, one about Planet X (again) and another about a flare the Sun could never generate.

At the end of most doomsday trails there’s usually book for sale. In principal I have no problem with a publication based on factual claims (they don’t even need to be scientific), but when science is being moulded to fit in with doomsayers beliefs, that is when I feel anger. Fair enough, tell us why the Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world, tell us why the ancient Chinese foretold our fate, even pull out the Bible and tell us why the book of Revelation is “right on” (after all, the Bible talks about the “Great Flood”, why not predict the “Great Fire”?). All this I have no problem with, as long as it is based on facts.

Personally, I don’t believe it, and I don’t believe in prophecies predicting the future with any accuracy (prophets, after all, kept their predictions general, leaving us to fill in the details after the event). But these are my beliefs and opinion, I’m not going to go out of my way to prove, with science, that the Bible is wrong, that the Mayans didn’t have a clue, this would be me stamping on ground that shouldn’t be touched unless I were some expert in archaeology or mythology (all very fine and very interesting fields I might add).

So, when the likes of Marshall Masters compiles the complete works of the 2012 Planet X scenario in a series of videos and a book entitled “Surviving 2012 and Planet X,” is it little wonder people might be a little uptight. After all, this guy is a former CNN science feature producer; surely he checks the facts behind his publications? Unfortunately, all his years immersed in science didn’t teach him to verify the facts he claims to have such authority over. For more information on this, see “2012: No Planet X” and make a note on why the 1983 and 1992 “discoveries” cannot be the same thing (and this is just using the evidence Masters provides in his articulate rendition of the Planet X conspiracy!).

In response to this example (and others), I try to pull up the scientific reasoning behind all this hype. “Reasoning” is the operative word. It’s usually a case of grabbing at any science study that might fit and cannibalizing it to re-enforce a very bizarre theory.

So why do these Doomsday theories have such stamina? Surely people can see through the hype by now? Actually, this can be hard. On watching a History Channel documentary about the 2012 prophecies, I could see why people might be worried. Being from the UK, I haven’t experienced US docs quite like this. Between the powerful (and a little frightening) theme tunes, bright imagery and atmospheric cross fades of actors dressed as Nostradamus and ancient Chinese philosophers, this documentary felt more like a blockbuster movie than anything factual. I found myself thinking, “hold on, they might have something here, perhaps the world is going to end! What a fool I’ve been!”, but I quickly recovered and realised that is the power of these prophecies: Fear.

No amount of science articles or reasoning or logic can fight off the air of fear that surrounds the question “What if?” Doomsayers will continue to use this powerful ally to argue 2012 is the end, they will also use it to argue that 2013, 2020, 2030, and the year 3000 will be the end of life as we know it. And the worst thing is, the guys at the end of the doomsday trail will still be making money from book sales and there won’t be a thing science can do about it…

269 thoughts on “No Doomsday in 2012: The Reason Why Science Will Not Win”

  1. The problem with all this 2012 hype is that there isn't anything factual and concrete proof that anything will happen on 12/21/2012 except that it's just another day.Sure there are civilizations all over the world that directs us to 12/21/2012 but they're not saying anything except that it's just an end of a cycle, which has ended lots of times already. Think of your calendar. It ends at 12/31/xxxx right?Then there's the new age theories about aliens, planet x, whatever that doesn't exactly mean anything other than science fiction.It's already 2010 and you would think that people are more scientific than some indigenous native mountain people who believes in stupid explanations (e.g. God is angry so there are earthquakes, if you're sick there's an evil spirit inside you). I guess most of them still cling to their roots as primitive-minded people.

  2. Did anyone notice how many things are just “happening” to occur on the exact date of 2012? Theres Planet X, poles shifting, yellowstone exploding, black holes sunspots, I mean I could go on forever. Society is just trying to scare us, but did you notice how much the are over doing it?! Now is it just a coincidence that all of these awful things are happening on one specific date? HELL NO! Its just a ploy to sell books, survival kits and movies. I mean how many people do you know that bought or saw the movie 2012? There are dozens of products out there that are flying off the shelves because of this lie to the public.

  3. i now that nibiru and the flare is coming to earth but in these 2 years time we must do as many good things as possible so that when either the heaven door and hell door are open we can go to heaven

    1. AlvinThio. Nibiru doesn't exist or at least it won't before 2012. The Solar Maximum is in May 2013 so honestly there may be something to worry about in 2012 but it won't be the end of the world or ever humankind.

  4. the mayan calendar is not ending it is just starting over just like we have a calendar thats starts over every year and they have like three calendars and there is now evidence of all these planets or astroids or solar flares so 2012 is all a fake even Nasa said it

  5. If the government really is working to save themselves and leave us civilians out int the dark to die i will be royall pissed off. And if Mr. Barack Obama is behind it…holy crap i will be even more pissed off.

  6. Im religious. Christian to be specific. And i almost agree with that one guy saying that “God wont allow this to happen to us” i ALMOST agree because yes he loves us and wants good things for us, but at the same God is all powerful and if he wants to end the world with planet x he can! (even though theres nothing in revalation about planets colliding…)

    1. gots to agree but, one more thing i could of thought in the bible it said only god knew the ending not even Jesus knows when the world ends. Maybe 2012 something important will happen if so god bless us all

  7. Marshall Masters compiles the complete works of the 2012 Planet X scenario in a series of videos and a book entitled Surviving 2012 and Planet X which is quite best to share out in the blog also there are better option to be taken care of.

  8. Yeah well.. we are well into our 'new' dark-age. Where is Carl Sagan when we most need him.. although with the dark-agers that own our once.. 'mass media' & PRESS.. there is no hope. As another Carl penned:Four Preludes to Playthings of the Wind by Carl Sandburg:The doors were cedarand the panels strips of goldand the girls were golden girlsand the panels read and the girls chanted:We are the greatest city,the greatest nation:nothing like us ever was.The doors are twisted on broken hinges.Sheets of rain swish through on the windwhere the golden girls ran and the panels read:We are the greatest city,the greatest nation,nothing like us ever was.3.It has happened before.Strong men put up a city and gota nation together,And paid singers to sing and womento warble: We are the greatest city,the greatest nation,nothing like us ever was.And while the singers sangand the strong men listenedand paid the singers welland felt good about it all,there were rats and lizards who listened…Yep – it HAS 'happened' before. Check out what Cicero wrote..

  9. hay i dont think any of thyis stuff will happen the one thing that said it will happen sed the manatic feild will sift not killing us but sending us back to the stone age.

    ps if a planet was going to hit us why not all the copntrys step on in and nuke it to nothing muhahhahha.

  10. The facts are that there are no facts. 2012 is all about what could happen. Unless you know the future it is all assumption. Look at what is going on, what has happened, and what could happen. The whole 2012 theory is about how the world ( people in power) happen to intemperate what is going on, and how they will handle it. Best idea is to plan for the worst and expect it too. You will come out ahead if you lead an optimistic life! Assumption is the root of all failure, unless you have background info. Sorry it is not specific but this is life, call Edward Casey via ouija for facts…

  11. The facts are that there are no facts. 2012 is all about what could happen. Unless you know the future it is all assumption. Look at what is going on, what has happened, and what could happen. The whole 2012 theory is about how the world ( people in power) happen to intemperate what is going on, and how they will handle it. Best idea is to plan for the worst and expect it too. You will come out ahead if you lead an optimistic life! Assumption is the root of all failure, unless you have background info. Sorry it is not specific but this is life, call Edward Casey via ouija for facts…

  12. you have a brain and i like that lol i remember also getting the feeling “oh my god im gunna die gotta party and do things ive never done ( im 16 obviously party haha)” but then i thought they could be wrong and if they are im being stupid for no good reason, that wont do. and i agree with the documentary u watched i saw the same thing and also alot of youtube videos after watching it is fear sp yea your probably the only person ive seen other than this scientist whos name escapes me at the moment about this 2011 2012 thing

  13. Hi there, i see allot of comments. I find people just need to take the time to look at the big picture. The really big picture means there are hundreds of billions of stars in the Galaxy, and many billions of galaxies. Google Plexes or stars. And many ways for all life to end on earth right? Why in the world are we trying to live in an economy to pits one against the other to aquire as much wealth as we can before we die when what we should be doing is trying to find a way off this island, (earth) . Other than that, hmm, the perfect way to die for me is probably from a Gamma Ray burst emmitted by a super nova. I hear these things streak across the universe without fading for billions of years and would litterally vaporise the planet faster than captain Kirks fazer. Lol. The other question is that can you really predict when the end of the world is going to happen with a super computer. By the time we gather all the data, i’m willing to bet wed also have the power to do something about it anyways.

  14. I have read several different websites, blogs, and even watch some videos on this so called doomsday. I keep reading the comment section and I hear one thing more than most. What if its true and What can we do? There is only one preparation and its not to go out and by supplies at your local store. Its to go to your house of worship get down on your knees and get right with your God. If the world is going to end there is nothing we can do about it, but we can decide where we spend eternity.

  15. Im only 11 years old and im already panicking about this 2012 stuff. It’s scary to think i can’t live my life all the way until 200 years old.

  16. OK me I’m a Christian so I believe that what they say will happen in 2012 is wrong my
    opinion is that only God decides our end but even if thats my belief it puts me in a hysteria I mean seeing others believe it scares me thinking it could possibly happen its like my life is over before its really over being 11 years old you’d think I’d ignore this or talk like it’s cool but it terrifies me thinking things like I’ll die without my first kiss I’ll never experience love or have children never go to college it truly scares me…

  17. This is completly wrong.  December 21, 2012 actually has more to do with science then people give merit.  I could go into all of the data, but less than .01% of people reading would actually process it.  Its not a massive solar flare, raither a ordinary one.  The difference is our magnetosphere will not be present to protect us.  Please look at the migration of the north pole over the last 10 years.  Staggering.  The poles are shifting extremely fast.  Airports in North America and all over the world are closing to recalibrate magnetic instrumentation.  Be sheep.  Die quickly.  I will survive.

  18. Shut the heck up that is bs stop making people belive you people who belive you do not care for no person that is a lie 2012 is just like any other year  and stop freaken kids out and i stand for the people who are scread im sick of you mean bastied hoping it that is a big joke to you to them it is not so god use common sense it is fake and people onlys think bad things and you need to stop it i will stand up to them and say 2012 belives stop torching them ok it is joke to you not them so keep you bad opions to yourself to have a good year.

  19. I worked as a radio technician for 20 years.
    I kept a sign on the wall by my desk to remind me.
    It read, “You can’t fix stupid”.
    That applies very well to the doomsday crowd.

  20. Sorry but, my religion is only Jesus, the son of God,who is the same God believe it or not,the livingone ,it is to help people in needs just like in a hospital, in hail,in the streets, matter their cultures,status situations,nothing.Note:Jesuchrist is not Catholic but Jewish.neither I´m Jewish nor catholic but a humble american

    1. God don’t have son Emanuel. Jesus is God messenger.

      May Allah (God) show you the right path. Amin.

  21. Interesting and  probably true but  the  poverty  of  knowledge  is bigger  than   facts  many  of  this  people  waiting  dooms  day  will  be  frustrated  by 2013  but  guess what  a  new  prediction  will come  by 2020 o  yeah!  this  is  going  to  be  the  real  thing  more   dramatic  and  terribel  not  only  dooms  day  but  the  coming  of  the  antichrist !!  if  not  wait  for  2055 the  first   UFO  landing  yes  or  wait  for  2067  or  2099  etc  etc..

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  23. The Bible tells us no man nor angels in heaven know that time nor moment that the end of things as we know will happen
    Even Jesus said only God knows the time and moment so if we all know then we know a little more than the angles in heaven and Jesus himself
    so the 2012 movement will pass and God will smile and say
    I had to change the day because they guessed it shucks I will change it till dec 24 instead..
    fool all them suckers..hahahahahaha
    does not matter when it does come or if it does come..
    we will not feel a thing ,,
    before we were born we knew nothing not even dreams..
    and when we die we will also know nothing no even dreams.
    Before I was born I had no worrys none at all.
    I had a safe felling until I was awaken to this world then all me fears began.
    When we die all our fears leave us.
    So we go back from where we came from..dust and sand.
    sleeping perhaps.
    will be join others..well we put our faith like an insurance policey that someone above will make us live again forever? what does that mean forever.
    Perhaps it means we somehow are born again like Christ told Nicodemas
    We are born again into perhaps another body be in the heavens or space or earth who knows.
    People put their money in hopes they cannot see nor touch or use any of our body.
    Just as we pay an insurance company with the hopes that they will pay our loved ones if we die.
    But then again perhaps they will find away to escape without paying using examples like well he did not tell us this so sorry no money.
    Like being a christian we put our hopes and prayers into Jesus who is the master insurance broker.
    He gave his life to prove he was the Son Of God.
    He was a man unlike any human ever known with his great teachings
    sad thing is it took the 12 most important followers in his life 13 years before they had the to venture beyound their home town due from fear.
    It took Paul to motivate them and he had probally had near 10.000 exucuted before he took the road that he seen Jesus and did not even know he had to ask.
    I love reading books and I must say I am weak with my heart on the subject of what if this happen or that happen.Our minds are just great machines.
    shame we waste it on fears,,
    like the man said above in this artical..
    why is it that love is a weak emotion compaired to fear..
    Was Eve fearful when she ate of the fruit
    and what was Adam fearful of?
    the lose of Gods Love or being alone without a mate.
    Why would satan turn his back on God knowing how powerful he is.
    One thing is for sure.
    Our minds never stop asking questions from the day we are born till the day we die
    and most questions are asked out of
    I am The Alleycat

  24. didnt even need to read it, because i agree, there will never be a doomsday, what is happining is the rapid increase in evoloution, through self and outer examination and action upon such.

  25. I would like to see how the dooms day happens! I don’t care about dying! but scientists ad other people telling it will happen that day or today! seriously wtf, it is supposed to be unknown and it will remain unknown untill the moment it happens! 🙂

  26. I read into planet x and all the doomsday shit and only got seriously freaked out by this recently(bit slow on the uptake i know :)) and this is the first website ive actually found to keep me from going crazy. I am starting to feel a tad better after reading some comments on here but my only problem is i cant just say ”fuck it”. But whats kinda funny is i had this exact same issue when i was ten years old.. i used to get into a complete state over an astroid hitting the earth, but my dad always said to me when i started crying about it ”do you know how flippin tiny our planet is compared to the rest of the universe? the chances of anything hapening is one to a trillion, so theres no need to worry, ever.” This is probably one of the most comforting things ive ever heard on this matter and still to this day makes me feel 100x better……
    So I guess what im saying is your more fucking likely to die in a freak accident tomorow then in an apocolypse in your lifetime or even your grandchildren in their lifetime or your great grandchildren in their lifetime or so on and on and on and on and on. And if your still worried then, then look to your family or friends for some advice on the matter cause when you talk about it and not to a computer screen things become a whole lot better 🙂

    Please people =D

  27. If you think the world is going to end in 2012 then you are ignorant. Find something else to concentrate on or do yourself a favor and go jump off a cliff

    1. Exactly, the message being sent by those who say that the world will end in 2012 is that “Why live now when we will die in a year?”….. If you believe in God then I think that only God knows when the world will end! If you don’t, then i just have one thing to say “Remember year 2000???”

    2.  Your ignorant if you think it wont happen 2012 could happen yet it might not. Your stupid to say it wont happen and only slightly less stupid to say it will because it may actually happen

  28. The Lord is the only one who knows when the end of the world will happen, we can not predict anything, at least we should not.

  29. malo ay q vivir la vida por dios q es eso mi dios va a saber cuando nos moriremos hay que vivir la vida”””””

  30. I have been looking into a lot of this 2012 NWO illuminati stuff, and i am terrified. I have two young babies and it has absolutely petrified me. Is there any actual proper PROOF that it is or is not going to happen? I cannot sleep for worrying. Since researching about the freemasons, the illuminati and the entertainment industry i can see so much ‘hidden’ in music videos, conspiracy theories etc. I am so scared about all of this. I guess im just looking for answers and looking for reassurance :S 

    1. Don’t worry. The Mayans never said 2012 was the end of the world. If it was true, the natives in Central America would be freaking out over it, but most assuredly they aren’t. Because such a prediction never was issued in the first place.
      Proof as to 2012…well there’s a lot of shoddy science, if you really want to consider that. The ‘evidence’ is weak and circumstantial at best, especially concerning the magnetic field theory and Nibiru. If I were you, I’d save money for Christmas presents for your two babies.

  31. Limited facts and a lot of self inflicted confirmation bias is all I see in this article.  There are far more intellegent men out there very committed to the idea that 2012 will be a catastrophic period for life on earth.

    The author of this article is just arguing for the sake of arguing, and lives in a state of denial.  When the shiz hits the fan, he will be among the first to go.

  32. OK so its October 2011 and this thing thats gonna hit earth should be visible by now,is it? NO December 12th 2012 Doomsday was made up to scare people and to make the person who made it up rich.

    So December 12th 2012 Doomsday is FAKE 

  33. Well, now since it is nearly the end of 2011, and nearly 2012, people are getting more and more worked up about what will really happen in 2012, just putting in what they think will happen, their own views, whereas I really don’t think anything will happen!! I mean take the year 2000 for example. Everyone was so sure it was going to be the end of the world, people were even packing everything up that they needed, all prepared for the end, but it just proved to be just another normal day, new years day. So, I just really doubt anything will happen just because the alignment of the sun or something. I’m sure nothing that bad will happen. And also, since the beginning of humanity, we have all survived, and why should it stop now? All these people on the web trying to prove it will end giving useless scientific facts, well how do they know what they’re really talking about!!! They’re all going on about how everyone’s sensing at the back of their mind’s that the world’s changing and somethings going to happen, well the world IS getting older, so it IS changing, but I really really doubt that things are that bad on earth, that it’s just going to suddenly end on December 12th 2012!! Just a load of rubbish made up to scare people and make a fool of them selves when they get all prepared and ready for the ‘REAL’ end of the world!!!!! As K.S said – December 12th 2012 Doomsday is FAKE!!!!!!  

  34. The world won’t end, as far as the bible goes, to each their own. Sometime a persons own intelligence or I should say ego. Get in the way and gets one in trouble in the end. In the end you will be surprised, but I hope you (I should say dumb down a little) get smart.

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