Astroengine LIVE Touches Down on WPRT Radio! is about to branch out into the world of radio…

Starting on Wednesday 19th November at 7pm EST (4pm PST, or midnight GMT), I’ll be hosting my own weekly talk show called Astroengine Live! The show will air for two hours where I will discuss all the best space news, including views, opinions, phone-ins and special guests. If you want to find out everything from the next NASA mission, the status of the International Space Station, progress with the Large Hadron Collider to breaking news from small research institutions around the globe, then Astroengine Live is for you.

Ultimately I want Astroengine Live to work in harmony with, expanding the reach of the radio world into the vast resources available online. Because of this, all schedules, episode content and additional on-air information will be available through, directing you to the category “Astroengine Live” on this website.

I will announce show specifics closer to Wednesday’s debut, but in the meantime, you can check out the new home of Astroengine Live at WPRT Radio, also the home of Paranormal Radio with Captain Jack!

Cheers, Ian

PS. I’m also getting my own theme tune… now that is the icing on the cake!

7 thoughts on “Astroengine LIVE Touches Down on WPRT Radio!”

  1. By the way, I’ve noticed that most of the ads for Astroengine adhere to the following formula:
    1) attractive woman
    2) dorky t-shirt
    3) panties

    Your choice, Ian? 😀

  2. Hi Dave! Very astute observations there… It is my top secret marketing formula you are witnessing.

    Once upon a time, I added only gadgets and science stuff in the ad column to the right. Three months later, no leads, no sales. Pointless.

    I change my strategy to include the “Snorg Tees” girls, bikinis, surfwear and “cool” stuff… 5 sales and dozens of leads within the first week. Although I’m never going to retire on ad revenue, at least it will pay for my new, fat server 😀

    I’m simply reacting to public demand, such a tough life 😉

    (I bet you clicked on the ad with the bikini didn’t you…?)

    Cheers mate!


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