Follow Astroengine on Twitter!

Astroengine on Twitter...
Astroengine on Twitter...

As if I’m not spending enough time in front of my computer already, it appears there’s another social web application I’ve been neglecting! I actually signed up to Twitter in August, but forgot about my Twitter account’s existence until now. After an explore, I realised it’s actually a very powerful tool, providing up-to-the second updates (in under 140 characters) about, well, anything.

First things first, I’m going to use it for personal stuff (although, “I’m doing my teeth,” or “I’m hungry” probably won’t feature) plus Astroengine article updates. I’ve now seen, that if I get enough followers, it might also be a good way to notify everyone about forthcoming Astroengine Live shows (next one is on Wednesday at 4pm PST – don’t forget! I’ll post another reminder later if you fancy tuning into my banter on the airwaves…). There will also be various updates for articles I post on the Universe Today.

So, if you are currently Twittering, follow me on the Astroengine Twitter feed, otherwise, sign up for a free account and start making sweet Twitterings…

See you there!

Cheers, Ian

6 thoughts on “Follow Astroengine on Twitter!”

  1. Well, I’m not really into this kind of social stuff, But I will give it a try!

    But I guess I will forget about it in less than 1 week, like the rest of the “social stuff”. :X

  2. mate i will give it a go but what i really need is a way to listen to your show with out staying up till 3am on a school night

  3. I was lured onto Twitter only a month ago – as a consequence of a conference talk by “the voice of Phoenix” herself – and soon found it to be an amazing medium for lightning-fast astronomy communication. For example tweeting (that’s how broadcasting there is called) in real-time during spacecraft launches or news conferences or sending out pointers to press releases, articles or just cool pictures I see that wouldn’t warrant a full blog entry. After just six weeks, at tweet #828 and counting, with new followers every day …

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