Listen to Astroengine Live Today at 4pm PST

On Tuesday night I was resigned to the fact that episode #2 of Astroengine Live would be more Astroengine Recorded Yesterday.

The original plan was to drive to Las Vegas to spend Thanksgiving with family, heading out today. Therefore I’d miss doing Astroengine Live and I was working to record the show on Tuesday. All was fine… until it rained. Two hours later, the meaty storm hadn’t passed and we began getting newsflashes that it’s not a good idea to be driving anywhere, let alone 5 hours cross-state! So we decided an early morning road trip on Thursday might be a better plan.

So, Astroengine Live is back on and we’ll still make it to Vegas on time to eat turkey!

Tonight’s invigorated show will have a variety of space news and indepth topics of interest (with an extra special focus on the space blogosphere), so be sure to tune in to WPRT Radio at 4pm PST (7pm EST or midnight GMT)!

Listen to Astroengine Live!

If you listened to episode #1, you probably noticed a few technical glitches my end. Since then, I’ve slapped Windows Vista around a bit to make sure the problem doesn’t happen again. We will be in for clear airwaves and a show stacked with space science goodness, even if it is pouring outside. This time, I will actually record an archived version of the show…

As always, send me your titbits of news, especially if you find any small institution research you think I’d like. Fire an email to: and I’ll try to feature your stuff!

Cheers, Ian

8 thoughts on “Listen to Astroengine Live Today at 4pm PST”

  1. Hmm, it will be at 10pm here, I woke up at 3am! I will try hard to stay awake.

    I guess I cannot send a link of my site to your email, right? It’s not some kind of news. 😛 [/shameless propaganda]

  2. Hmmm… It seems that WPRT radio are completely useless again today as they were last week also! By the time I got it to work you went on a break, and now it won’t work at all with Windows Media Player or Real Player. I will keep trying though…

  3. Great show, pure astronomy! Sadly I missed the first episode (Timezone problems).
    I think NASA should focus more on colonization and less on sending dozens of probes to Mars searching for life.

    There was a minor problem, sometimes the buffering paused for some seconds, but it was not a big deal.

    Oh, and I LOVED the opening music, can I have a MP3 version? 😛

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