Addendum: Astroengine Live Email Address

Woops, it looks like I’ve been quoting the incorrect email address for my Astroengine Live radio show. Disregard the contact email address I have been quoting and update your address books with

So, huge apologies for that, if you have sent any tips/research/articles/questions to any other email address apart from, I probably haven’t read it. So please re-send it to this correct address.

Remember, my live show will commence on Wednesday at 7pm EST (4pm PST) for it’s third episode! I will post an update later in the day about the content of the show.

If you have anything you want me to read/investigate/shout out on air, feel free to email me on and I will be sure to give you a mention.

Thanks and sorry again for the wrong address–it seems the tech gremlin that hit my laptop on my first show has crept into my brain too, hence the correction!

Hopefully speak to you soon!

Cheers, Ian

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