Astroengine Live #3: The Search for Life, What’s the Point?

Listen to Astroengine Live, today at 4pm PST (7pm EST).

Today’s Astroengine Live was going to be devoted to a discussion about the search for extraterrestrial life in the Universe, but the alien amoeba will have to make room for some news from the entire space blogosphere in this week’s Carnival of Space, plus a bonus look into the world of space tourism. Yesterday (Tuesday), I had the superb opportunity to attend XCOR’s press conference in Beverly Hills where a new partner was announced, my colleague Angela and I had a chat to a Shuttle astronaut and we found out a little more about the future of “cheap” (if you have $95,000 in your piggy bank that is) access to space.

So, tune in to WPRT Radio at 4pm PST to get your weekly dose of Astroengine Live!

Get Involved!

Is the search for extraterrestrials really worth it? How would mankind benefit if aliens were discovered? Have an opinion? Email me on and I’ll be sure to give you mention. Eventually, I hope to have telephone call-ins, but for now, email will do. For your reference, check out my article: The Search For Life, What’s the Point?. Feel free to comment on any points raised…

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One thought on “Astroengine Live #3: The Search for Life, What’s the Point?”

  1. Great show! I will send an email next time (I hope!), I’m so timid :P.

    I hope it expands to even more cities! (And maybe more planets in the future, yeah, I’m crazy).

    I still want the theme music mp3! Provide a link if you can, pleeeeaase? :X

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