Astroengine Live #6: Happy New Year!


First of all, apologies for having to cancel last week’s Christmas show, but you’ll be glad to hear that today’s New Years Eve Astroengine Live is ready to go! Actually, this was going to be a recording as we were hoping to be partying in San Diego, but like all great New Years plans, we couldn’t make the trip down there due to other commitments. So, bad news for me, good news for you, at least Astroengine Live will be on the air.

Astroengine Live airs at 4pm Pacific, 5pm Mountain, 6pm Central, 7pm Eastern or Midnight GMT!

2008 has been an incredible year for astronomy and space exploration, and 2009 promises to be even bigger. The International Year of Astronomy is upon us, with a vast number of space exploration projects planned worldwide. If you’re a space enthusiast, and you are not involved, something is terribly wrong! I’ll be detailing some of the ways in which you can become involved in today’s show. Naturally, I’ll also be giving a brief rundown of what’s fresh and new in the space blogosphere, plus a few other topics you’ll certainly find interesting. If I have time I’ll also give you an exclusive peek into the Top 10 Space Science Endeavours according to the readers and writers of the Universe Today. In short, there will be a lot to listen in to!

Get Involved!

Have any articles or stories you want to contribute? Have an opinion on anything in the world of space? Email me on and I’ll be sure to give it a mention. Eventually, I hope to have telephone call-ins, but for now, email will do.

Listen to Astroengine Live using your default streaming audio player.

Check out Paranormal Radio’s live streaming vidcast too, Captain Jack will be airing my show on his website too.

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