Astroengine Live Shows 7 & 8 Now Available in the Archives


Two more Astroengine Live shows are now available for your listening pleasure via the BVRN radio/podcast archive. You can either navigate to the Astroengine Live section of, selecting your choice of show from the gadgiwidgity thingy in the top right-hand corner, or you can go directly to the Black Vault itself and select which show you want to stream or download…

I haven’t had the chance to listen to the shows as yet, but they should be fairly complete. There was a loss of connection during show #7, but I think I covered for it fairly well. Here’s the brief synopsis of the two shows:

Episode #7: Beer, Beer and Cutting-Edge Cosmology (01/14/09): After a week break, I will discuss some of the more exotic science to come out of the previous week’s AAS conference and International Year of Astronomy 2009 grand US opening in Long Beach, CA. Attending the conference were all the core members of Space New Media, covering all the proceedings via blogs, news websites and podcasts. Naturally, there was a party too. Plus there was lots of beer (free “Galileo Beer”). So if you are interested in how Space Beer (the the free stuff, or the stuff produced from space-grown barley) influences mankind’s efforts in space exploration, this is the show for you. There’s also a healthy dose of magnetars, neutron stars and exoplanets thrown in for good measure!

Episode #8: Methane and Astroengineering (01/21/09):It looks like a replacement for Michael Griffin has been decided, Barack Obama is now President of the United States, NASA has shown all its cards by hinting (shouting) that life on Mars might be generating all that methane and we could be living in one giant holodeck. Just another week in the Universe I guess… As there was no Carnival of Space this week, I’ll probably grab a few interesting blog posts from my fellow space bloggers for good measure to throw into the mix for this week’s Astroengine Live!

I can’t believe I’m up to Show #8 already! Thank you for everybody’s support during the last few weeks, it’s been great to receive your encouragement and tip-offs about news and events I wouldn’t have otherwise mentioned. So far, the show has been received well, although I still have to work on my organization skills and my “radio voice”, but the learning curve is steep and I am gradually getting there. Once Jack (over at WPRT Radio) and I refine the technology, we’ll hopefully have guests and phone-ins, but that goal may be a while coming (the Internet between California and Texas can be problematic at times, as you’ve probably heard!), but we are finding some novel ways to milk as much bandwidth out of the system as possible.

For more information on how to listen into Astroengine Live every Wednesday at 7pm EST, check out the Astroengine Live pages.

Remember, if you want to make contact for any reason, drop me a message on, or stalk me on Twitter.

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