Astroengine Live Now Available on iTunes (Oh Yes!)

Astroengine Live, listed with some tough astrology competition on iTunes
Astroengine Live, listed with some tough astrology competition on iTunes

It’s a big day for Astroengine Live! My radio show is now available as an iTunes podcast! I’d like to say that there was some tough competition and my show won through on its scientific merits and entertainment value… but I’d be lying. I submitted the Astroengine Live podcast feed to iTunes, and they listed it. Oh well, I think it’s cool nonetheless, at least now my listeners can tune in whenever they like in all their iPod (iTunes only supports Apple products, right?).

If for some reason you are unable to access iTunes (perhaps because you don’t conform to Apple’s marketing strategy), you can subscribe to the podcast feed directly from the Black Vault Radio Network (BVRN) podcast feed.

Tune in!

Assuming you have iTunes installed on your computer, simply start up the program and type “astroengine” into the search box in the iTunes Store. You’ll then find Astroengine Live in the search results (either listed with an episode number or prefixed with “Black Vault Radio Network”). Ironically, a vastly more popular astrology podcast appears in the search results too (I had a private giggle about that). Don’t mistaken Astroengine with astrology! Be warned, they just aren’t the same

Apologies for having to run an old Astroengine Live recording today, unfortunately I’m currently in a hotel with a patchy Internet connection… Next week’s episode will therefore be excellent2!

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