Astroengine Live Show #12: Life on Europa?


In today’s Astroengine Live (WPRT Radio at 7pm EST), I’ll be discussing some of the exciting stuff that has been going on in space (and in the space blogosphere) over the past seven days. Also, I am very excited that today will air Astroengine Live’s first interview that was recorded last Friday. In the short discussion with Dr Greenberg (author of “Unmasking Europa”), I gained an insight to his excitement about Jupiter’s fourth largest Moon, Europa, and what implications this icy world holds for the search for extraterrestrial life.

All going well, this week should be free of technical hitches (if you listened to Show #11, it was a feast of the worst live radio could throw at me), but the thunder clouds are building outside…

Get Involved!

Have any articles or stories you want to contribute? Have an opinion on anything in the world of space? Email me on and I’ll be sure to give it a mention. Eventually, I hope to have telephone call-ins, but for now, email will do.

Listen to Astroengine Live using the Paranormal Radio player. Or, pick up the podcast feed to activate your favourite audio software.

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