Carnival of Space Week 93 – The Planetary Society


I have been very slack with announcing the Carnival of Space over the last couple of weeks, sorry about that. Will do better in the future. Honest. In fact, I’ve just realised we are fast approaching a landmark Carnival, the 100th edition! That’s in seven weeks, and the Carnival seems to be only getting bigger. I believe being involved in the space blogosphere is essential for any space science writer, it helps you communicate your writing as well as connect with other like-minded people. I’ve made lots of friends through the Carnival and we always welcome new bloggers/journalists/authors, anyone who has a passion for space and want to show their gushy love for the Universe.

This week’s superbtastic Carnival of Space has stopped at the Planetary Society’s blog written by the talented Emily Lakdawalla, so if you want to put aside a couple of hours (and I really do mean hours) reading through the fascinating work being generated by the machine that is the space blogosphere, be sure to check it out.

Astroengine really showed itself up this week by submitting an article about synthetic life, with a heavy fascination for a certain female Cylon. Oh well, who said science wasn’t sexy?

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