The Carnival of Space Week 96

Hello and welcome to the 96th Carnival of Space on!


Before we begin, I want to wish the Universe Today a Happy 10th Birthday! Fraser Cain started the website way back on March 23rd, 1999 (have a look to see what it used to look like) and he hasn’t looked back since. I am proud to be writing for the premium space news blog on the web that pulls in two million visitors per month. I love working with Fraser, Nancy, Tammy, Nick, Mark, and now our newest addition to our ace team, Anne. Here’s to the next decade!

So, for this week’s Carnival, as there were so many quality entries, I decided to pose a question for each entry. You can take a look at the questions below, and before you click on the link, try to guess the answer. Otherwise, just scroll down and read through the entire list. (Many of the answers may not be too obvious.) Failing that, you can listen into Astroengine Live on Wednesday April 1st for the first ever “live” Carnival of Space!

Thank you Fraser for allowing me to host this week’s Carnival, it really has grown since the last time I played host way back on the Carnival of Space #51 in April 2008! I hope to do it justice. If your entry isn’t here, be sure to drop me a comment below and I’ll get you online ASAP. Cheers!

Ready? Let’s roll….

The Questions

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Carnival of Space Week 93 – The Planetary Society


I have been very slack with announcing the Carnival of Space over the last couple of weeks, sorry about that. Will do better in the future. Honest. In fact, I’ve just realised we are fast approaching a landmark Carnival, the 100th edition! That’s in seven weeks, and the Carnival seems to be only getting bigger. I believe being involved in the space blogosphere is essential for any space science writer, it helps you communicate your writing as well as connect with other like-minded people. I’ve made lots of friends through the Carnival and we always welcome new bloggers/journalists/authors, anyone who has a passion for space and want to show their gushy love for the Universe.

This week’s superbtastic Carnival of Space has stopped at the Planetary Society’s blog written by the talented Emily Lakdawalla, so if you want to put aside a couple of hours (and I really do mean hours) reading through the fascinating work being generated by the machine that is the space blogosphere, be sure to check it out.

Astroengine really showed itself up this week by submitting an article about synthetic life, with a heavy fascination for a certain female Cylon. Oh well, who said science wasn’t sexy?

Sci-Fi Romance and the Carnival of Space Love

WALL-E, the best animated-sci-fi-robot-romantic-comedy of all time (yep, I teared up at the end)
WALL-E, the best animated-sci-fi-robot-romantic-comedy-adventure of all time (yep, I even teared up at the end).

I couldn’t resist. As it is the day of romance, love and *pinging* cash registers, I thought I’d post a special Astroengine commentary of Valentines Day. Everyone is doing it; the Google logo is loved up, the news websites are buzzing about it, even the blogs seem to be obsessed with relating their craft with the desire for some romance (even this week’s Carnival of Space over at 21st Century Waves is “doing it”), so here’s some random Valentine’s Day paraphernalia for your reading pleasure…
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Carnival of Space Week 74 – Kentucky Space

The Kentucky Space logo
The Kentucky Space logo

This week’s Carnival is being hosted by Wayne Hall at Kentucky Space (KySat), an organization with an aggressive orbital agenda and punchy space flight motto: “fly stuff.” To be honest, this should be the motto for NASA… flying stuff around space is something we should be doing, all the time. Just because we can. If a non-profit organization can do it on a shoestring budget, we should be seeing more commercial ventures like SpaceX popping up all over the world. Here’s to hoping!

In addition to Week 74 of the carnival, Kentucky Space are currently preparing for the sub-orbital launch of one of their payloads from the Mojave Desert tomorrow! So be sure to keep an eye on their site.

For my part, I am very thankful to Wayne for adding my article about naked singularities right at the top of the Carnival. Awesome CoS, be sure to check out all this week’s entries

Carnival of Space Week 71 – .Astronomy

.Astronomy logo
.Astronomy logo

Somehow I missed a week of the CoS, so I’ll have to track down where Week 70 went… but first, here’s Week 71, hosted over at .Astronomy (dot-astronomy) by Rob at the University of Cardiff, Wales. Once more, there is a great selection of space news from the blogosphere, I’m looking forward to reading through all of them.

In keeping with my LHC addiction, I posted a story on the Greek hacker attempt on the facility at CERN…