Astroengine Live Archives Updated (3 Shows)


There’s six hours of new space news and opinion waiting for you in the Astroengine Live archives! You can listen in to shows 13, 14 and 15 via the Black Vault Radio Network widget on the Astroengine Live page on, or you can download them via iTunes for some iPod goodness. Any problems listening in, please let me know.

Synopsis of each show and the dates they aired:

11th March, 2009 – Astroengine Live #13: I discuss some of the most interesting space news topics from the last two weeks. Included in the March 11th show:

  • Searching for exoplanets with the recently launched Kepler space telescope.
  • Religious dogma vs. 2012 doomsday theories.
  • When does virtual reality become physical reality? Does it even matter?
  • General news from
  • The Carnival of Space and 365 Days of Astronomy (featuring the March 3rd podcast by Dave Mosher)
  • And a whole new playlist of music for your listening pleasure.

There’s a lot more besides, as the previous week’s Astroengine Live didn’t happen, so the “lucky” 13th show went ahead with double the dose of space news.

25th March, 2009 – Astroengine Live Show #14 (Bats ‘n’ Books): A run-down of the week in space, plus a special announcement of the upcoming book: “Astroeconomics: Making Money From The Vacuum Of Space” (a joint venture between and blogger Greg Fish and Astroengine Live host Ian O’Neill). Also, I examine all the fuss about the free-tailed bat that died during the March 15th shuttle launch and plans to honour the endeavours of animals in space.

1st April, 2009 – Astroengine Live Show #15 (Carnival of Space Live!): In a very special edition of Astroengine Live and the Carnival of Space, I host the Carnival on and gave it the run-down on Astroengine Live! A live Carnival has never been done, so if you want a show with over 30 space science topics squeezed into 120 minutes, this is the show for you!

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